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Default how to properly store your guns?

what is the best way to store your guns? do you dryfire them before putting them in the safe? a lot of guns have no accessible hammer or a hammer release/deckocker. like all my .22 rifles, my 12ga, 270, and my xd40.i dryfire them after cleaning and put them in the safe. should i not? i always figured if the firing pin was constantly held in the ready position, it would wear down the spring possibly cause a failure to fire issue. whats everyones take on this?
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Center fire guns I will usually dry fire, with a few exceptions dry firing a .22 is a huge no no since the firing pin hits the breach face and damages it.
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I'm with Rusty on this advice.
Also, on some bolt action rifles you can hold the trigger while closing the bolt and the firing pin will drop without needing to dry fire the weapon.
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