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Default I need new weaponry to top off my latest performances.

I am here as an anonymous user, more or less.

To me, a gun is like a brush, the bullets flowing from without as paint on my canvas falls. My only interest here is new weaponry to top off my performances.

I like, almost prefering handguns, often with heavy scaling meant for two handed use, revolvers and semi autos work both, but I care most about dramatic effect and making every bullet I use count.

This handgun has been a favorite of mine for some time now, but as of late I have grown tired of bringing perfection to others with something so common to me now, like a playwright reusing quotes. I need something worthy, something magnificent on that magnitude, maybe better.

I'm not here for anything else.
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Welcome. Good luck in your quest to find your next "brush".
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Okay then,howdy from KY.
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People use to find beauty in the human form and now days it is viewed, at least in America, as a shameful display of flesh. I hope that as you look for the newest piece you find something that moves you and can last the test of time. Welcome to the Weapons Forum.
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Welcome from Pistolburgh, Taxylvania.
I love some extras, & moderate bling on a handgun. This trait has developed as I have matured to this AARP status.
It is a might scary, cause I was a fan of the...." strictly businesses" look, for decades.
Never judge a man, untill you've walked a mile in his shoes.
That way, you'll be a mile away from him; and you'll have his shoes.
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High $ 1911 would do it for me !
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