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Default Idea for a gas operation

An existing rotating bolt operation but with a fluted chamber and no gas piston. This allows gas to not only lubricate the round but floods the chamber past the locking lugs to the bolt carrier with a head that acts as a gas piston. This would save drilling holes in the barrel to install gas pistons and make gas operation simple and near to that of blowback operation. This operation uses the fluted chamber as a gas port and the bolt carrier acts as a piston head.

To explain again, when firing the bolt is in a fully locked position, the gas pressure floods the chamber past the locking lugs. The gas pressure has to overcome the bolt carrier to unlock the bolt and reload.

The image posted is just a rough idea of the operation. Im not saying it has advantages over the existing gas/delayed blowback operations but thought it could be simplified and compacted. I would imagine gas/residue to foul up the receiver but this could be sorted out if the cam groove was redesigned to delay the opening as well as the piston head slightly angled/channeled to divert the gas out the ejection port. Also when firing, the locking lugs could shut off the gas to the piston head with the remaining gas in the barrel to operate the reloading of the weapon. For extra reliability, it would depend on the ammo cartridges used.

Just to notify, this operation may vary (IE: rear locking lugs, internal locking piston, locking flaps etc.). It could be improved using a self cleaning bolt to remove residue inside the receiver.

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I think you've just invented the HK delayed roller block system.
Because it ticks off the people who NEED ticking off...
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