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Default So I decided to change the Shotgun a bit

So the wife and I don't shoot Skeet so much anymore and we decide to convert the Ol Remington's into some additional home defense weapons.

So yesterday I started with a standard 16 Gauge 870 Express and a 12 1100 as seen below. You can also see that they are both 48" in length.

They don't make a kit for Susan's 16 so I tore hers down and checked to make sure all of the 12 gauge stuff fits and it does. So Now I need to order a second kit for her 16 gauge and I installed the Archangel kit on my 12 along with a new 18" Police barrel. This also made the weapon 12" shorter so now it comes in at 36" collapsed.

Susan's has an 18" Barrel on now but I will add the stock and forarm grip when they come in.

I also plan on adding a 2 round tube extender to both guns to bring the total magazine load up to 6 in the tube with 1 in the chamber.

What do you think?

This is now Loaded with Herter's Defense loads and stashed in the upstairs.

Multidefense Shotshells ó The ultimate knockdown power with a 0.65" round lead ball, backed by six No. 1 buckshot pellets.
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OMG! It was OK in it's original configuration but now you've gone and turned it into a scary black gun.

Looks good. Nice work.
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Scar the shit out of them doves.

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You did what to an 870!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!11111111ELVENONE!!11111!

J/K LOL looks good. I bastardized an 870 Wingmaster I had laying around too. Good Job!
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