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Default Two detail-questions

Hello everyone, it's me again.

First of, I promise (!!!) that I'll ask less questions in the future.
So these two may be among the last few (I'm doing final detail-work on my project).
During that detail-checking two questions came up which I couldn't answer via google and colleagues.

How slippery is an AR-15/M4A1 trigger?
At one point in the (hopefully soon-to-be) novel the protagonist "scoops up" her M4A1, which had been lying on the ground during heavy rainfall for some minutes, by the sling, and fires two semi-automatic shots from the hip, one handed, as she has no time to properly grab the rifle (she's under attack).
I wrote that she only gets to fire two shots as her finger slips off the trigger, but can that happen?
Or is the trigger "textured" (don't know the right word right now) to avoid that very situation?
Maybe I should at that she doesn't get to reposition her finger, as the rifle is kicked from her hand the moment she stops shooting.

Much later, after the M4 is retired in favour of an AKM, the shockwave from a very close explosion (probably helped an unconsciously loose grip) rips the rifle from the protagonists hands, sending it through the air for some yards before it hits steel (train-tracks or a still-standing box-car, it's not clearly stated).
As I wanted to "get rid" of that particular rifle (sorry AK-fans), I had the impact damage the magazine/the magwell so badly that the magazine would just fall out/not lock in place.
But would a simple impact on steel after a flight 6-8 yards be enough to really damage the (said to be very tough) AKM?
Or do I have to find another way to force "my" protagonists to abandon the rifles?
Have the impact damage the barrel was one alternative idea, a soldier shooting the reciever seemed a little too far off reality.
Do you have any ideas, if my two wouldn't work?
The rifle wasn't really well-maintained (occasionally field-stripped and roughly cleaned), so it wasn't in prime condition to beginn with.

Oh, and an M4 falls about three stories (through a skylight of a warehouse) onto a convertibles roof, before it slides from there onto the ground.
It still works afterwards.
Maybe that is a little unrational (the M4 survives that but the AKM "dies" from a few yards).
On the other hand, it first lands on (rather soft) fabric.

Thanks in advance


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The AR15 trigger is smooth. At least mine is. No grooves in it for traction. So it's conceivable that a wet finger could slip from the trigger.

There is a small tab on the back edge of the AK magazine that locks it into place. So again if the magazine takes a hard enough hit it's conceivable that the tab could be broken preventing the magazine from locking into place.
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AR would fire when being struck on the ground.
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1. yes the trigger is smooth but the curvature is such its hard to slip your finger off.
I have fired probably 20,000 rounds out of AR style rifles in the last 3 years in different situations and firing positons and I never got close to slipping off.

This is even though some of my firing was in very inclement weather such as heavy rain or snow.
(I am the guy in the middle in green w/ short hair in the rain foto)

2)As for how realistic is it for an AK to be damagaded that way:

Sure a drop with bad luck can damage any weapon.
the AK is only very slightly tougher than the AR.

Another way to damage it would be if the tube that houses the piston above the barrel gets caved in from a drop and so prevents movement of the piston but maybe thats not likely from such a short drop.
But the Mag well damage especially to the Tab is plausible IMO
Molon Labe

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