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Default Want it back

Which handgun did you once own that you let go/lost for what ever reason?

The first handgun I ever bought was a Browning Hi-Power, MK III in 9mm. I paid $415 NIB at a local gun shop, that is no longer in business. I got into some financial problems when I was still single and had to sell it. Now that I'm a bit older and wiser I really want that handgun back. However a new MKIII is going for $900 now. I will have another one day It shot great and just felt right in the hand.
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I've been kicking around the idea of buying another S&W M&P series pistol after trading my 9mm, I would like to get a CORE model next time.
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Many years ago I had a S&W Model 67, which is a stainless version of the Model 15, .38 Special, medium frame, 4 inch barrel. It had the action reworked, sight inserts and Zebra wood grips that I had made to perfectly fit my hand. My ex demanded it in the divorce. She said it was because she needed protection. Never fired a gun in her life. She just wanted it because it was my favorite gun.
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Long list for me. Colt Python, S&W 629, Ruger MKI, S&W 39 (steel frame), my first handgun S&W 66. Sadly there are more.
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Old model S&W revolver that my neighbor carried when he was a revenuer in Miami.If that gun could have told its history.Gun was given to me in 1963 with a shoulder holster after his death.
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Not a specific handgun, but through a strange sequence of events I find myself without a .22 pistol.
I sold my Buckmark shortly after I bought a Sig Trailside. The Sig was super accurate, fit my hand great and I loved shooting it. But since it was so finicky with ammo, a bit delicate, and didn't like to run dirty, I finally tired of the upkeep and sold it too (for a great price)

Once ammo starts to come back, I will be deciding between a Ruger 22/45 LIte, and a Browning Buckmark Micro.
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2-03A3s sold one, needed cash.
Sold another one to My brother, cause He wanted one and I still had the 2 of them.
.045 ACP Combat Commander, My cousin has that one, He says I`m getting it back upon His death.
Hammerle Virginain, 357 mag. 11-1/2" barrel, it was like shooting a rifle and fit My hand real nice.
One My Dad donated to a museum, Colt, 22 six shooter. I remember shooting that when I was a youngster.
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