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  1. will he ever learn
  2. AK-47 maker Kalashnikov sends it's regrets
  3. DC Gun Ban Overturned
  4. Armed Doctor stops hospital shooter.
  5. Detroit Chief credits armed citizens for drop in crime
  6. More CCW permits = less violent crime
  7. Idiot of the day tells Chief of police to dissarm or leave
  8. NYC LEO's watch and hide till unarmed man takes down knife wielding murderer
  9. 3-D printed guns bad idea says goverment
  10. nice search job and cuffs
  11. Congressional canidate gun giveaway
  12. Familt brawls with cops at fun park
  13. Guns Saves Lives-Map
  14. South St. Louis Father Guns Down TWO Hostage Taking Felons
  15. CAUGHT: Obama Blatantly Lies About Gun Background Checks
  16. Bogus School Shooting “Data” Released By Everytown/Mom’s
  17. Las Vegas shooting
  18. June 6th, 1944
  19. U. S. Marine Veteran With Carry Permit Drops Armed Robber
  20. OKC Council approves liquor license for gun range
  21. Mexican druglord busted..check out his stash.
  22. Santa Barbara Victims Libtard Father
  23. Photos of unusual and rare weapons
  24. Chipotle says please no guns
  25. BREAKING: Smart Gun Maker Filed Patent for Remote Kill Switch
  26. It was enough to arm a small army or militia-New York Post
  27. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture issues request for .40 cal submachine guns
  28. Culling the Herd
  29. Assault rifles/shotguns get in way of domestic assault
  30. Minnesota homeowner found guilty of shooting teenagers
  31. Shooting at FedEx warehouse
  32. more gov. waste
  33. Colorado movie shooter appeals decision
  34. Bloomberg at it again !!! $50 Million for Gun Control
  35. "She annexes your heart"
  36. New York Officials Argue for Flexibility with Gun Law Violators… ????
  37. Kansas City police looking for shooter
  38. tn gun owners
  39. Bill introduced to let soldiers/federal civilans to carry weapons on bases
  40. Another Fort Hood shooting
  41. The Man Who Wants to Buy the Biggest U.S. Gun Maker Doesn't Own a Gun
  42. Another anti-gun California lawmaker in legal trouble today
  43. Georgia lawmakers pass controversial ‘guns everywhere’ bill
  44. MILLER: Florida set to pass Pop Tart gun bill to protect kids playing in school
  45. attention SC residents
  46. U.S. Army issuing troops Swedish recoilless rifles
  47. This guy is my hero for the week
  48. Gun safety demo goes wrong...
  49. Water
  50. U.S. Army hidden treasure vault
  51. Military leaders
  52. 7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP
  53. Wisconsin National Guard photo sparks outrage
  54. Connecticut has very likely created tens of thousands of newly minted criminals
  55. Court overturns restrictions on concealed guns in much of California
  56. "patriot dawn!"
  57. Beretta
  58. Homeowner fined for flying flag
  59. States considering the firing squad
  60. Hey dear did you borrow my assault rifle
  61. A must read book
  62. KY lawmaker fires gun in office
  63. New book
  64. Merry Christmas Weaponsforum!
  65. Mikhail Kalashnikov passes away
  66. Detroit man faces second degree murder
  67. A Christmas must see
  68. Here we go again
  69. Soooo Awesome!
  70. Excitement in town yesterday-Armed man put schools into LockDown
  71. 3-D printed rifle makes news
  72. Is he your hero?
  73. Glad my life doesn't revolve around football
  74. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  75. Eye opening Phillipine Survivor Report
  76. Bullet Proof Vest
  77. Military surplus going to local police departments
  78. George Zimmerman arrested..the saga continues.
  79. Four Marines killed at Camp Pendleton
  80. Australian study
  81. Get "free" shipping from Midway
  82. Mom is banned from kids school...for WHAT!?!?
  83. Never Forget
  84. Shot Show?
  85. Air Force T.Sgt charged with shooting intruder
  86. shooting at lax
  87. Texas police officer gives chase after shot twice
  88. Syrian civil war casualties
  89. Zombie apocalypse survival class
  90. How Hitler feels about the affordable care act
  91. Young boy who killed neo-nazi dad to be sentenced
  92. Mav's
  93. National Guardsman opens up at armory
  94. CA deputies shoot 13 year old with replica asasult rifle
  95. Our Money
  96. Victory for self defense ruling
  97. From road kill to the dinner table
  98. You wont see this on mainstream media
  99. Xds
  100. White House chase and shooting
  101. Tom Clancy died today
  102. Fox News: October 1st
  103. Former snipers charged in plot
  104. These are the carjackers who made the deadly mistake of targeting a driver with conce
  105. ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Saves 100 In Kenyan Mall Siege
  106. The smart rifle is finally here
  107. This is not good....
  108. st pete police shoot and kill homeless man
  109. Upgrade the AK-47 per Putin
  110. Keep it up Texas
  111. 2 issues, seems to me to be 1 problem
  112. Starbucks has caved under pressure
  113. [ANDROID FREE APP] Angry Alarm Lite
  114. naval yard shots fired
  115. Family Guns on National Geographic Channel
  116. Hunting takes on another meaning in Colorado
  117. Doomsday bunkers on the rise
  118. NY shooter in toddlers death feels remorse
  119. Last man to see Hitler alive died today
  120. Taurus AR-15 Testing
  121. One Year Later: The Long Range Peach House Gunfight
  122. Harvard Gun Study Refutes Gun Grabber Claims
  123. Obama announces new gun control steps
  124. Smith and Wesson Issues Safety Alert for M&P Shield Handguns
  125. PFC Manning sentenced to 35 years
  126. Bored OKC teens kill jogger
  127. New laws
  128. Founder of leading body armour going to prison
  129. Best States for Gun Owners
  130. Fort Hood shooting trial
  131. Dallas shootings
  132. Zimmerman pulled over in Texas with gun
  133. Like strange guns?
  134. Giberton, PA Police Chief sounds off
  135. Who is Antonio West?
  136. God, Guns and Automobiles
  137. Sad but true
  138. I would love to bid on some of this stuff!
  139. Zim found Not guilty!!!
  140. WWII vehicle makes some news
  141. Jim Carey apologizes to gun owners
  142. Unpaid student loans
  143. We are screwed
  144. Aaron Hernandez charged with murder
  145. Somebody's Not Happy!!
  146. Taxing the Second Amendment
  147. Don't mess with Texas
  148. Home invasion
  149. Two former U.S. border agents to be sentenced
  150. Boston Bomber Memorialized as Gun Victim by Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Movement
  151. President Obama and his daughter play with toy guns... Wait...What?
  152. California Passes Ammo Permit Fee
  153. Poor Poor President Obummer
  154. Pro-gun Republican wins vacated Democrat seat in Connecticut
  155. Government sues employers for background checks
  156. Civilians are Safer than Police
  157. Michael McNeill filed a petition with the Virginia Supreme Court
  158. Bloomberg bus tour
  159. 14-year-old at the center of "NRA T-Shirt Controversy" now facing jail
  160. You Go Girl!!
  161. Nebraska school officials want boy named "Hunter" to change his name
  162. This may be the way to get criminals attention
  163. Judge OK's insanity defense for Aurora massacre suspect James Holmes
  164. Unbelievable: Hack attorney claims store clerk shouldn’t have defended his life
  165. This is just plain SAD to see...
  166. No Respect from the Pres, Big Suprize!!
  167. IL is closer on passing the CC law
  168. Woman fires shots at men trying to break into south KC home
  169. Questioning “No Questions Asked” Are Gun-Surrender Gimmicks Legal
  170. DC Gun Laws - Do they feel stupid ... Yet
  171. Public Beheading in Britain and no one can do anyhtng!
  172. Moore, OK Tornado May 20, 2013.
  173. Dumb criminals shove Houston man in gun closet
  174. How long
  175. Five year old shoots sister
  176. Dramatic 747 crash in Afghanistan
  177. Marine stops man from brutal attack
  178. why don we hear this on the drive-by?
  179. Bird Flu
  180. Winchester Ammo Recall (5.56)
  181. Anyone live near Waco, TX?
  182. Boston Marathon exsplosions
  183. Heres some crazy stuff.
  184. Idaho Knows
  185. Read and pass it along.
  186. USSA We are in trouble
  187. Hello kitty japan weapons...
  188. Goverment waste
  189. This is really cool.
  190. NJ Dad being investigated over rifle photo
  191. News of the weird
  192. some more to chew on...
  193. Sorry Nanny Bloomers -
  194. NRA robocalls Newton, CT
  195. Hope you guys like the color baby blue
  196. Out of control cops at it again.
  197. Don't give up the fight against gun control.
  198. Marine shooting in VA
  199. Home invasion story
  200. The "Do Gooders" are at it in New Jersey
  201. AWB Update
  202. what do you all think?
  203. West Allis man stops beating with CC.
  204. giving them a lesson!
  205. crazy
  206. positive thought
  207. just heard this on the radio
  208. North Korea
  209. Bad Google
  210. Stuff like this really bugs me..
  211. Mag Capacity
  212. Dog Shoots Owner
  213. Badass!
  214. Houston, TX, Home Invasion Gone Bad..ooops, I mean Good !!!
  215. show them goobers...
  216. 40c or 45c?
  217. A little honesty on NY Gun Bans
  218. Biden says buy a shotgun
  219. Comcast to pull all gun ads.
  220. Wow these are nice!!!!!!!!
  221. Gun raffles spark uproars
  222. So What Is Going On At DHS?
  223. I hope more follow suit and stand up to corrupt governments.
  224. Ted Nugent Headed To State Of The Union As Guest Of Texas Congressman Steve Stockman
  225. Huh...Jackson claims firearms shoot down planes ?!?!?
  226. NFL greats voice gun reform
  227. Sweaty Teddy ripping Morgan
  228. Obama firing a weapon
  229. What is the TRUTH!?! AR-15 Used in Sandy Hook or not?
  230. Omg ! Diane Feinstein's Anti Gun Rights Bill
  231. Feinstein's list of 157 banned guns
  232. Wtf ? Geico Cancelling Weopons Relaeted Businesses
  233. In rural America, some sheriffs vow to defy Obama on gun control
  234. CWP Holders In Florida
  235. Accidental Discharge of 12gu at Gun Show
  236. BIDS v. NICS
  237. Jan 19 noon Pro Gun Ralley @ state capitals
  238. Rand Paul to push to Nulliyf Obamas Exec Orders
  239. Weapons Forum on Facebook
  240. 2-4 is all you need
  241. Today's Obama speech
  242. Beautiful Home Protection
  243. Are you kidden me, what an Idiot!!!!
  244. Texas leading the way!
  245. This is bad but a good ending....
  246. Gun burglary attempt tied to Journal News gun owner map
  247. Huh?
  248. big glock mags
  249. 18 Year Old Shoots Self In Head
  250. Glock- The Rise of Americas Gun