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  1. Article - Surviving The Coming Collapse
  2. at least he has been bipartisan
  3. McCain Rimming Obama... Makes me sick !!!
  4. This really offends me ... Feinstein says Vets shouldn't own guns...
  5. White House Suspends Tours Due To Spending Cuts
  6. Eric Holder: Drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil are legal
  7. Keep Your Daughter' Out of CO
  8. Texas vs California
  9. Biotches be coming...
  10. The second amendment ain't about hunting
  11. Obama Twitter Tweets Games for Gun Control
  12. My gun control theory.
  13. Oh Yeah, Tell us how it is Joe Biden... Buy A Shotgun???
  14. Democide: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns and Freedom
  15. Austrailia since their "Gun Ban" !!! Safer???
  16. Columbine Survivor Pens Bold Open Letter To Obama Rejecting Gun Control
  17. Moral Authority Lacking For More Gun Control
  18. Crap is getting real by MO Democrats !!!
  19. Constitution free zones
  20. My candidate for 2016
  21. The Special Forces Community Letter Concerning The 2A
  22. Please Support Tougher Gun Control
  23. Judge Jeanine: "Owning a Gun, is my God-Given Right!"
  24. How the British Gun Control Program Precipitated the American Revolution
  25. Traiter in chief at it again
  26. Ted Nugent owns Piss Morgan Again !!!
  27. How Obama Decides to Kill American Citizens in the War on Terror
  28. New York Restisance over New Laws, They're PIST !!
  29. Nano thermite
  30. First Senate Gun Debate Today on CSPAN
  31. Henson Ong at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing - Hartford, CT - 1/28/2013
  32. Watch this video then share it
  33. "I Will Take My Uniform Off and Stand with Freedom"
  34. FBI Agent of 16 years, Get to the Truth about Waco.
  35. Innocents Betrayed - Genocide By Gun Control - True History of Gun Confiscation
  36. Wisconsin Sheriff Says "Learn How To Use A Gun"
  37. Anti-gun smack down
  38. Criminals and Deadbeats !!! What group is this?
  39. Obama Military Litmus Test
  40. FINALLY !!! NO AR-15 Used in CT Shootings
  41. Here it comes
  42. Reply from my legislation
  43. UnHappy and UnSafe Australians, Talk about USA Gun Rights
  44. Terrosit Threat At Elemetary School in PA
  45. Wow!! Possible new law in Conn.
  46. I Just Don't Know What To Say
  47. Tell It Like It is Mr. Reese
  48. GPS For Your Gun
  49. Tax credit for surrendering "assault weapons"
  50. A Rational Discussion on Guns
  51. Makes As Much Sense As Anything Else He Says
  52. Gov. Rick Perry's Response to Obama
  53. Obama's 23 Executive Orders
  54. Gun control is just the start.
  55. Selll Your Garments buy a Glock
  56. Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Obama
  57. NY passes gun law
  58. Cop Shot in head, El Cajon, CA RAW Video.
  59. Treasonous
  60. Tellem' Ted
  61. NRA says Congress Will Not Pass Weapons Ban
  62. Obama, Clinton, Mt. Rushmore???
  63. Somebody Needs to Pay/Held Accountable
  64. NYT & Time Mag Announce Layoffs
  65. Sandy Hook conspiracy?
  66. 3 Cheers for Sheriff Denny Peyman
  67. Got this from Guns America
  68. Another School Shooting? - Taft High School
  69. God Bless Wyoming
  70. And now this ... from freaking PRAVDA!
  71. Harvard Docs Propose Massive Taxes on Guns & Ammo
  72. The Riddle of the Gun
  73. Biden: Obama May Use Executive Order to Deal with Guns
  74. What Legislation will Work?
  75. How to Ban Guns, a step by step long term process - Article
  76. Heads Up Iowa - Someone Wants Gun Confiscation
  77. Bank Of America customers
  78. Essay: A World Without Guns
  79. Good Guys w/ Guns Win, Never told in Media !!!
  80. Just Incredible - Obama is Blind
  81. Even the Dogs Don't Like Pres Obama
  82. real good use of taxpayer money - your $$
  83. More media bias
  84. Heads Up If You Live In Illinois
  85. Fiscal Cliff Plan in Number We Can Understand
  86. Gun control 'guaranteed’ by end of january
  87. Magazine Ban os 2013
  88. I Can Support This
  89. Marine Sends Letter to Feinstein
  90. Illinois gun owners in here!
  91. Are we this rabid?
  92. Good video
  93. really?
  94. Give Up On The Constitution
  95. Anyone remember Luby's Massacre in Kileen, TX?
  96. Raise That Debt Limit
  97. Studies cited by Feinstein to substantiate the AWB.
  98. Assault Weapon not used in CT.
  99. NRA Press Conference Transcript - 12/21/2012
  100. Oklahoma Rocks
  101. the way it should be...
  102. Guns in Schools
  103. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  104. The left at work...
  105. Well Doesn't this Warm Your Cockles
  106. This is how guns will be banned in America
  107. Bill Whittle on Conservative Candidate
  108. Disturbing...
  109. See a Pattern??
  110. Divorce Agreement
  111. Zero votes, really?
  112. 15 States Petition to Secede
  113. The Liar In Chief
  114. Serves The Right - Layoffs
  115. Start Saving Your Pennies - Big Taxes Coming
  116. Senator Dianne Feinstein
  117. Get out and VOTE!!
  118. Chinese Professor
  119. This should scare any American who reads it...
  120. "All this for a damn flag"
  121. NAACP takes over polling station
  122. Don't Forget to Change your Clocks on Saturday and your President on Tuesday
  123. 'Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You'
  124. Confiscate Weapons - Curiosity Question
  125. Chuck Noris - Vote For Romney
  126. Know Thy Enemy - Gun Control
  127. showing my conspiracy!!!
  128. American Freedom Watcher
  129. Benghazi Reports
  130. Obama--------Under The Bus
  131. Another Frikken Executive Order
  132. Democrat? Republican? Southerner?
  133. Who Got OBL ???
  134. The Survival Podcast
  135. Latest GM Commercial
  136. UN and OSCE attempt to influence elections in the US
  137. term limits
  138. Romney puts Big Bird on Chopping Block
  139. This is what we are dealing with
  140. Another Obama Jaw Dropper
  141. Obama campaign sues to restrict military voting
  142. Letterman calls Romney a felon
  143. Axelrod Asking for Media's Help
  144. Democratic Lawmaker Refuses to Lead the Pledge of Allegiance
  145. Howard Stern On Obama Supporters
  146. Why Won't Congress Balance the Budget?
  147. Current Events Pictures