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  1. We've lost another American Soldier to PTSD
  2. Russian HMG 12.7/14.5 Operating ManualS
  3. Roll Call,which branch of the U.S.Military did you serve in for this country?
  4. Stratfor and Jane’s Assessed Russian Army in XXI Century
  5. First Female to Stand Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown
  6. Burned Russian Nuke Sub Returns to Ranks Before the Year End
  7. Russian Army’s Top 10 Curiosities
  8. Women Rangers make the grade to graduate
  9. Hateful note left on vet's windshield
  10. Taps in my neighborhood
  11. Ranger 15
  12. Touching D-Day salute
  13. Spy inside the Hanoi Hilton
  14. Uniform/Decorations after discharge?
  15. Military bumper stickers
  16. Army Ranger imposter busted
  17. Wounded Warriors called slackers
  18. Once again the pc police have won
  19. History of Arlington National Cemetery
  20. Another Doolittle Raider passes away
  21. 25 interesting facts about Vietnam War
  22. Where have all the fighter pilots gone?
  23. 82nd Airborne wishes you a Merrry Xmas
  24. special ops troops K I A yesterday
  25. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  26. Origin of Taps by John Wayne
  27. 2014 Cameron Air Show
  28. A USA flamethrower variant
  29. MP training reaches new heights
  30. Army Dad refused to enter school in uniform
  31. Reincarnations of General Patton
  32. Operation Paperback
  33. Fleet of tanks up for auction
  34. A query about flamethrowers
  35. Is a Navy Seal more about physical or mental strenght?
  36. nice picture
  37. Last original Navajo code talker passes away
  38. Navy recruiter gets a phone call..this is a good one.
  39. No words for this photo
  40. Chanute AFB..or whats left of it.
  41. Quote of the day
  42. Mysterious Vietnam Memorial
  43. JFK curses out Air Force general 1963
  44. MOH ceremony announced for former vets
  45. Longest Vietnam POW passes away
  46. Common Vietnam War Myths Dispelled
  47. Another WWII hero has fallen
  48. Two UK Muslims convicted of killing soldier in street
  49. Lost for words on this one
  50. Military budget cuts
  51. Ex Marine saves woman at Raiders game
  52. US War Vet detained in N.Korea
  53. Veterans Day
  54. SEAL honored for Vietnam rescue
  55. Nicholas Oresko MOH recipient passes away
  56. holy....
  57. Colonel George "Bud" Day MOH passes away
  58. Been a while...
  59. My Frakin Hero....
  60. US Navy
  61. Chris Kyle, US Military's Most Lethal Sniper Shot Dead
  62. This is for Ranger Danger
  63. Stealth Fighter
  64. Iwo Jima
  65. Military Guns
  66. Air Force
  67. Royal Canadian Air Force
  68. US Coast Guard
  69. My Military Service