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    Anyone owning an airsoft gun of any kind?

    Very nice, this is a terrible pic. of my Gamo 22 cal. I really like the wood stock on yours, purty. Well i forgot i can't post pics here because i can not get them to postage stamp size sorry.
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    AR vs AK finally settled

    Gotta love ol Gunny.
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    Possible Luby's Cafeteria Massacre Thwarted in OKC???

    Good to see folks stepping up.
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    Wazzzuuup fellers!!!

    Damn man, to much information, thanks for the update.
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    Can we increase the allowable pic size for attchments?

    I have tried to post pics. several times, and could not get them small enough. I don't even bother any more.
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    AR15 22lr

    I like my Ruger 10-22 with the swivel stock.
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the forum, lets take a look.
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    Mink as hunting animal

    I have heard of ferrets being used to hunt rats, and gophers.
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    Good Day from Texas!

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    Obama caught on felony

    Maybe him, and Hillary can share a cell.
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    Why the Second Amendment?

    He tweets because it takes the power of the media away from them, he is draining the swamp, the people need to get behind him to make it work, he was voted in for a reason. United we stand.
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    Why the Second Amendment?

    I hear you man, i feel the same way, they think the government is going to protect, and tuck them in at night, and the media is selling it. Like it or not, Trump has thrown a wrench into the works of the government system, and that is one reason they want him out. I like the shake up, because it...
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    Why the Second Amendment?

    I think you exlained it very well, it's the agenda your missing. :handshake:
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    Hello from the Cumberland Plateau in TN