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    New Versamax

    These ducks????? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Getting Ready for Winter

    2 water oaks cut, letting dry before I split If its up high, it's coming to the ground
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    New Versamax

    Did great! Used a HEVI-SHOT brand mid range choke, Remington nitro 2.75" #4 (teal hunting). Didn't miss a bird! Was able to shoot 40-50 yards with kill on impact! No jams or FTF! Cycled like my other VERSAMAX. Still can ghost load. I like the new feed ramp. Gloves didn't snag on ramp. The Saftey...
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    New Versamax

    Had to do it! Picked up the new VERSAMAX WATERFOWL PRO. I already own a blk syn versamax. The new upgrades are nice. Here are some pics to compare on upgrades If its up high, it's coming to the ground
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    We home school both of our kids Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Weatherby SA-08 youth

    Any one has some hands on with the SA-08 youth? Looking at buying both my daughters one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Modern Muzzleloader

    I have a T/C Black Diamond and a T/C Impact. Love both Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Winter Time, SHTF, What do you do?

    I have a wood burning stove in my living room. In 08-09 we had a bad ice/snow storm here in Louisiana. My wife used the stove for 8 days to keep the house warm, cook food, and boil water to take bathes. She used my 4wheeler to haul wood from the back of my property to the house. I also have a...
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    Anyone tried a Mossberg Flex?

    My daughters 510 is like that! Easy setup to work for trigger pull length! Pads are pretty soft. But I like the supercell pad on the 870 better.
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    True American hero My hat is off to the Marines family he left behind
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    naval yard shots fired

    Told u a scatter barrel can do what an AR can if not more!
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    Funny Pics

    I bet u gave that to ur crew!
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    naval yard shots fired

    Now it's 12 dead and several injured If its up high, it's coming to the ground
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    CCW class

    From CCW class 15yrds with a XDm 3.8 compact! Wish I used the extended mags instead of the 13rd mag. But, looks like I group good
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    CCW class

    Me and the wife took our CCW class today. It was very informational! My wife was able to understand why it's so important to protect urself!