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    Crickett Precision Rifle

    As soon as I seen these I knew I had to get my boy one. He loves it and shoots pretty good with it. You can get it just like in the picture with bipod, scope with sunshade and the little brake. It's a cool little rifle and pretty darn accurate too. This was his target all by himself for the...

    Anyone else like t he CZ Scorpion?

    This thing is is one of my favorites, I never really wanted one until I was at the NRA Show in Atlanta a couple years ago and we had one in the booth. After repeatedly handling the thing it started to grow on me.

    Gear Head Works Tailhook Pistol Brace

    Hey guys, anyone else running the the Tailhook pistol brace?

    AUG or clone Charging handle

    If you have ever used an AUG or clone you know how the charging handle is its greatest shortcoming. No need to bust your knuckles anymore! I have designed a low profile handle that even allows you to use your favorite holosight on a low rail like the MSAR E4 or AUG A3. My friend started...

    High Point

    Alrighty folks... here it is. I got 2 of them one in 9mm and one in .45 and let me be the first to say...I like them! Cheap, reliable and as accurate as I need it to be. Best money I ever spent.

    Hi y'all

    New here and checking things out