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    Internet take over.

    I am hearing the UN will be running the internet after Oct 1. Some more social engineering by a clown. WTF
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    9 th of court of appeals says screw all of us. The court ruled that canceled carry was not a right under the foundering fathers guide lines. I think they will have problems enforcing it.
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    Guide rod

    Ok all you gun people what kind of guide rod do you have on your 1911. My springfield came with a 2 piece one that is going away soon. Want to be able to field strip gun without tools.
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    Is it legal to kill them where you live ? Here there is a season. They are included in migratory birds.
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    Double guns

    Lets talk double barrels. By my back door is a 22lr under a 410 /3" shotgun. Both are my most used guns. 22 for tree rats and 410 bird shot for other pests that visit . What other doubles out there ?
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    Clintons supporters

    KKK grand dragon from Mexifornia just put his support behind the hildabeast. That should get here some more votes.
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    Hilldabeast is already having people cheat for her. It is not to early to lie cheat and steal an election. I hope the FBI charges her soon.
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    Our senate is voting on open carry today I/29/16. There are other gun laws that are being heard like getting stand you ground back the way it should be.
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    What weapon system would you want for SHTF AK or AR ? If I had to make a choice it would be the AR. The type of ammo most prevalent would be next. Came up in another forum.
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    New gun

    Springfield Operator joined the crew today. Real tight and pretty, going to rub it in the mud and loose its virginity tomorrow. :shooter:
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    Firing shots

    What does it take to make the ruger 10 22 fire shorts? New recoil spring or bolt ?
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    War on cops!!!!!!

    This is out of control and will get bad for all of us. Time for local sheriffs to start forming posse's.
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    caleber conversions

    Has anybody tried any of these?CHAMBER ADAPTERS They have many neat caliber changes.
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    Any body have any experience with the micro sigs in 9mm? P238
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    Murders in SC.

    Has the type of gun been revealed yet ? I have heard the young man was a drug offender and on some kind of pain meds. I think heraldo is stirring the pot.