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    US Navy

    1974-80 Operation Frequent Wind 1975.
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    CCW with a G17

    I CCW with my G17 here in rural VT. No terrorists running loose around here.
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    Here in VT any adult who is allowed to own a handgun can carry it concealed most anywhere in VT. Public schools and post offices are places one cannot CCW or OC. There are no CCW permits issued.
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    How many of you

    Aim for the forehead of your felonious attacker?
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    Are there any Second Chance shooters here

    who used to shoot bowling pins up in Central Lake, Mich?
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    Vermont Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone who is allowed to own handguns can carry concealed without any license, resident or non-resident. I carry my G17 24/7/365. WW 115gr JHP +p+ loads. Hartford, VT. 17 in gun, 16 in spare mag.