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    What gun do you think they should make?

    and who is "they"? I've been thinking about this...there are firearms that I think ought to be made but haven't. The first one I'd like to see made is a Ruger 10/357 semi-auto carbine. They got closer to making it when they made the 77/357 a couple years ago. They have a magazine, barrel...
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    New Ruger Rifle SR762

    Not mine...yet... Perhaps you guys have not noticed as I don't post too often here, but I am a big fan of most of what Ruger has been doing in the last few decades. From the name of their new rifle you can probably guess what the SR762 is: an AR-pattern rifle in 7.62 caliber, similar to their...
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    Handloading components for a gun I don't even own yet.

    I just bought enough primers and powder to load a thousand rounds of .45 acp. My friend is a shooting instructor and has a lot of cast .45 acp ball and a lot of brass he's giving me to get me started. I don't even have a 1911 yet...
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    Proud Dad

    My 8-year old son came up to me tonight and said, "Dad, what's your favorite bill of rights?" I said, "You mean my favorite amendment to the constitution?" He said, "Yeah, mine's the right to keep and bear arms." Okay, so we have a little to work on, but he's going the right direction for sure.
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    bullet hole group measurement

    This program works on any caliber, but I've posted it in rimfire, because the pic is a group from my 77/22. The program is free, or they have a better version you can buy. Ruger 77/22, Burris 4x scope 100 yds, cci std velocity Shooting from a bench, using a front sandbag.
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    Guns in Utah

    Full article: As negatively as they (the media and others) try to portray open carriers, this was the best they could do. I think we're winning.
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    Why do you carry?

    Do you carry because of a specific experience that you had? Do you carry just because it's legal? Do you carry because it's cool? Do you carry to protect yourself and your family? Why do you carry? :)
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    Voters may see guns at polling places

    Here's something going on in my neighborhood.
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    Indiana firearm laws

    Located here: Indiana has a License to Carry a Handgun (Commonly abbreviated LTCH). One may carry openly or concealed with an LTCH and may not carry at all without one. Indiana law...
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    Unconcealed Carry

    In many states, it isn't required that your holstered handgun be concealed. I've been carrying openly for about 5 years. Who else open carries?
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    Let's see your .357s

    Ruger KGP100 6" reduced power springs, polished insides, bead blast finish S&W Model 327PC; S&W round butt combat stocks
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    From Tahoe/Yukon

    Hey my name's Clay. Sold my Tahoe about 3 years ago, but I still have a gun or two or... Maybe I'll get to know some of you guys here, since I never really posted at the other place. Near South Bend, IN.