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  1. Mockstar

    I need a reloading Guru's Help. (5.56 help)

    Just got my box of 1000+ rounds of once fired mixed head stamp military brass. I haven't sorted it all out yet, but it seems to be mostly LC, WCC, and TAA Nato stamped brass. I have a bunch of WCC brass that the shoulder is already below SAAMI specs according to my DILLON Case Guage. I...
  2. Mockstar

    Scott Walker may eliminate Wi state income tax.

    First CCW permits. Then legalized hunting with crossbows, now this. Ugh I can see it now........half the population of Illinois moves up here. :nono: Report: Gov. Scott Walker May Nix Wisconsin
  3. Mockstar

    Here we go again

    Here we go again Possible school shooting Possible school shooting at Arapahoe High School. 2 injured in shooting at Arapahoe High School |
  4. Mockstar

    It's so tingly!

    Who's had frostbite, and what does it feel like? It was bitter cold in WI this week especially Mon-Wed. (single digits with -15/-20 windchills. I work outside, and try to keep exposed skin covered, but it's not always possible when I need to wrench on shit. My finger tips/pads (pinky, ring...
  5. Mockstar

    vacuum sealer.

    Vacuum sealer for food??? That's just silly..:crazy:
  6. Mockstar

    Ok game time, What kind of car would you want if?

    I'd upgrade from this......... To this......
  7. Mockstar

    Just started reloading

    My bullets from X-Treme Bullets Inc. came today. Just out of curiosity, I weighed 10 of them. They were all right at 55-55.1 grains, and they look fantastic too. I only bought 500 for now, but if they shoot as good as they look, I'll definitely be ordering more, and in other calibers. These...
  8. Mockstar

    Just started reloading

    I bought the tumbler yesterday, and a 2lb jug of the ($8) Lyman walnut media. Dumb Idea..........After that I went to pet store and paid ($14) for a 10lb bag of the lizzard walnut litter!! I'm in the process of tumbling all my .44 shells today.
  9. Mockstar

    Another trigger option for ARs

    New AR trigger group about to hit the market. Apparently they are taking pre orders Starting DEC 1st. Talk about pushing the "Semi Auto" limit to the max, and it looks a nice alternative to a bumpfire stock. I don't think I wanna know the price tho. Tactical Fire Control, Inc.Tactical Fire...
  10. Mockstar

    Just started reloading

    I had posted earlier in another thread of my recently started reloading hobby. I figured I just put all my pics and updates in my own thread. So here it is. After all the crap that went down months ago with hard to find ammo and all the other nonsense, I decided I didn't want to be without my...
  11. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    More shopping today. Picked up 100rds of Winchester .223 brass. RCBS primer pocket brush. Wheeler gun mat. LEE Universal Decapping Die, and 2 more RCBS shell holders. #27, and #18 for .44mag, and .40S&W Also put the die to use, and decapped 355rds of .44mag, 116rds of 9mm, 14rds of 30-06...
  12. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    Got an RCBS Partner press for decapping/re-priming only. I'm not going to mount it yet because I haven't bought the Rock Chucker yet. I'm not exactly sure where I want them on the bench yet.
  13. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    Spent another benjamin this week. Still getting the small stuff before I decide on a press. RCBS bullet puller RCBS Stuck case removal kit Hornady Primer Pocket Reamer Dillon .223 Case Guage Dillon Case Lube And of course. A real damn stool.
  14. Mockstar

    What's your favorite AR brand?

    Voted other as mine is mix of BCM, CMMG, PSA, and Spikes. But if I could buy a "factory" fresh AR, it'd be the Jack Carbine.
  15. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    got my vice today. Also Polly'd my bench. It's coming along nicely.
  16. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    No press yet. but it will most likely be a RCBS single stage to start with. I got sick of just tossing my brass. Now I want to start reloading, but I only have a handful of spent cases laying around. probly 300rds of .44 mag. A few 30-06. couple hundred 9mm. I tossed all my 40S&W cases a...
  17. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    Got wood.........:Big Laugh: I decided against the counter top idea, and am just gonna rip the 3/4" red oak plywood down the middle and double it up for the top 2 8' 4X4s and 5 8' 2x4s should be enough for mine I think. I'll be back later tonight with a finished product
  18. Mockstar

    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    Gonna build a 6'L by 2'W by 38"H bench along this wall under the window.
  19. Mockstar

    Obama lower anyone?

    Kinda Pricey for a stripped lower tho...... SURPLUS AMMO ENGRAVED LOWER - OBAMA [OBAMA LOWER] - $249.99