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    Please Welcome Modulus Arms to WeaponsForum

    Hey guys, Modulus Arms is a company that I am proud to say that I am a part of, and I will likely be handling the forum posting on here for now. We have an all new Universal AR-15 80% Lower Receiver Jig that we believe is the easiest and the most accurate on the market to date. Please take a...

    New AR-15 80% lower jig

    I have a new project I've been working on with some friends. We have a new AR-15 80% lower jig that we believe is the most accurate and universal jig available on the market. We are very excited to have someone with 80% lower fabricating experience, or who has tried other jigs, to try ours and...

    Please Welcome Nutmeg Sports to the forum!

    Guys, please welcome Nutmeg Sports as our newest vendor. Check their site out, and Tyler will be along shortly to go over the products and services they offer. :welcome: Nutmeg Sports, LLC

    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    will be posting the results for the WeaponsForum Activity Contest Giveaway Round 1. A range of post ID #s from the first post made after the Giveaway announcement until the last post made before 11:59PM ET 11/11/13 were entered into - The post ID range was 24,544 - 26,095 - Post ID...

    WeaponsForum Activity Contest Giveaway Round 1!

    We are giving away over $1000 in awesome prizes to members! The best part is, it's free to enter and all you have to do is post on the forum...seriously. iPad Mini Giveaway + more! We will be giving away a total of 10 prizes ranging from a 16GB Black iPod...

    Semi-automatic rifles, automatic assault rifles - question

    Don't take this question the wrong way or misinterpret it for something with political undertones...remember where we are. I'm just looking for some constructive conversation on the matter that doesn't lead to a political forum battle. I would actually like to hear from those who own these...

    WeaponsForum Giveaway Results!

    The results are in. I will begin posting them now!

    WeaponsForum Giveaway Numbers

    *these numbers are subject to change upon further review* hotrodpc -1001 Bootstrap -1002 oppo -1003 moodster -1004-1014 Maxx2893 -1015-1017 cce1302 -1018 Silver-Bolt -1019 SWSS -1020-1022 blockdoc -1023 Bigdaddy -1024 Dr_Pain -1025 Old School -1026 kwo51 -1027 Arckadian -1028 Humvee21 -1029...

    The WeaponsForum Big Giveaway I

    Presented By: That's right guys, our forum vendors have stepped to support and its members! We're going to run The WeaponsForum Big Giveaway I for 30 days, closing for entry Sunday December 16th, 2012. On Monday, December 17th, 2012 we will hold a drawing using...

    Please Welcome High Noon Holsters to WF!

    Please welcome High Noon Holsters as WeaponsForum's newest Supporting Vendor!! :biggun:

    Supporting Membership is here!

    We have had an overwhelming amount of members contact us regarding how to support We greatly appreciate the feedback and have answered the call with a Supporting Membership paid subscription. The membership perks are loaded up and we're launching at a low minimum yearly...

    Please Welcome Lock'er Down to WF!

    Please welcome Bobby @ Lock'er Down to Weapons forum. As usual many of you may know him from other forums but if security products are the game here. :win: :biggun:

    Please Welcome Synthetic Motorsports to WF!

    I have a feeling this "guy" (and he IS our AMSOIL guy) needs no introduction, but please welcome clkelley dba Synthetic Motorsports to WeaponsForum! Metal protection and vehicle maintenance is the game here folks.