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  1. JuggNuttz

    Looking for unusual/futuristic rifles

    i had just seen the Beretta ARX-100. it looks pretty wierd i think.
  2. JuggNuttz

    So what Gun Related stuff did you buy this week?

    not really a purchase, but i filled out and did all my stuff for my rebates from the Bushmaster AR and Remington R1 purchases. I had to write a check for $5 for shipping and handling for a $50 rebate.... wtf kinda shit is that?? tho browsing recently my Cabela's online, i had to call to see...
  3. JuggNuttz

    Remington 1911's

    i dont wanna spam, but since it was asked.... bought at Cabela's, got 10% off and $100 MIR, bringing it under $600. i think i did good.
  4. JuggNuttz

    need help with choice of 1911

    ill chime in and say the Remington R1. i just picked one up a few weeks ago, got a good deal at Cabela's with 10% off and a $100 MIR (or 200rnds ammo, but since im Illinois they cant mail it, so i get a check instead). its a no frills 1911, but just a good smooth shooter. ive only shot it once...
  5. JuggNuttz

    Pics of your SKS with Description...

    yeah, ive had people tell me that the Norinco's were the cheap ones and less desirable. But i have been very consistant with it when shooting, and ,knock on wood, havent had a single problem. hell the Ultralux scope on it seems to be holding its zero, i havent adjusted it in, well ever, and i...
  6. JuggNuttz

    Pics of your SKS with Description...

    just found this thread, so why not. quick pic i took last night for another friend cheap ass scope on it, but came with the gun. bought it from a good friend back in like 97 or 98 for $140. besides the scope its a stock Norinco. looking it over last night i noticed the numbers on the frame...
  7. JuggNuttz

    Any computer guys here?

    what are you trying to run? like if its a graphically intensive program, youl still probably need a high end laptop. but as far as being able to access the tower and do some things on it, ou need a program called LogMeIn, youll be able to run anything installedd on that computer and see it on...
  8. JuggNuttz

    NRA Membership

    i was just thinking about this too. years ago at a pheasants forever meeting i signed up, and renewed it a couple times..... i need to do that again.
  9. JuggNuttz

    Greetings from the NW burbs of Chicago

    welcome! and where in the NW burbs are ya? im about as far NW as you can get and still be in the city. ive never heard a bad thing about the XD, its one of those on my lists too. the other for a carry would be a Beratta PX4 storm compact. i have a full size PX4, and love it to death! so the...
  10. JuggNuttz

    Semi-automatic rifles, automatic assault rifles - question

    since illinois doesnt allow rifle hunting, you could say i dont have a NEED for a semi auto rifle, but in other places its legal and they DO use semi auto rifles for hunting. my dad now has property in florida, and the SKS is a pretty decent choice for hunting feral hogs, and will be my use...
  11. JuggNuttz

    help needed

    kinda looks like a Tokarev tt-30/tt-33
  12. JuggNuttz

    Let's see your rides!

    i guess ill play. heres mine with the new fog lights installed
  13. JuggNuttz

    Favorite Handgun?

    i love all my guns, but id say my Beretta PX4 is my favorite. it just fits my hand like it was made for it, and makes me a better shooter than i actually am. for pure smile on the face fun gun, easy the Taurus Judge. just something about the .45lc and 410ga blasting in your hand thats just so...
  14. JuggNuttz

    Local grub and grill joints

    for delivery i use its not everywhere yet, but put in your adress and gives you a list of who delivers to your house. can even order online. the very few times ive had issues with delivery times, grubhub themselves have called me to tell me they talked to the restaurant, its on...
  15. JuggNuttz

    So who's going for a hike with me?

    fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that!
  16. JuggNuttz

    Local grub and grill joints

    The Wild Goose corner of Lincoln and Cullom in chicago. it bar food, but really good food. the turkey burger on pretzel roll is awesome. plus theres lots of alcohol to be had. local kinda fast food place is Dear Franks in the Village Crossing shopping mall on Touhy. typical greasy burger...
  17. JuggNuttz

    Chat Thread (DDD)

    and then Maxx hounds me for the pics too.
  18. JuggNuttz

    Chat Thread (DDD)

    no TRR for me, but doing the Snoball in Jan.
  19. JuggNuttz

    Random Thought Thread....

    i think it was inside edition, it was on at my sisters as i was packing up, and they were talking about a place in texas that will host kids parties. and the announcer was just so over the top trying to sensationalize it, it really pissed me off to no end. "Little GIRLS shooting PINK GUNS with...
  20. JuggNuttz

    Chat Thread (DDD)

    hahahaha. hey whatever you need to tell yourself there buddy :jester: my hang overs even from beer have been getting intense.... like barely leave my bed for a day and a half..... i think i may need to take a break.... but even still, ive only been drinking once every week or two... i...