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  1. ifithitu

    Four of my Knives collection

    One made in China,S&W,Harley D. & Buck USA.
  2. ifithitu

    My new Taurus M65.

    My Taurus M5 4" 357 Magnum!
  3. ifithitu

    My GP 100 .357 Mag. Match Champion.

    I bought this beauty Monday.
  4. ifithitu

    My S&W 1911 E Series 45 Auto. with Lasergrip.

  5. ifithitu

    How many Glock's do you own?

    I have two, Glock 17 9x19 mm & Glock 42 380
  6. ifithitu

    Roll Call,which branch of the U.S.Military did you serve in for this country?

    I served two years in the Uinted State Marine Corps!
  7. ifithitu


    In the Commonwealth Of Kentucky,our CC's are called " Concealed Deadly Weapons License." What is the proper name for your State or Commonwealth,to concealed carry?
  8. ifithitu

    I like " Buck Knives " who else like them?

    I have always liked Buck's 110,& 119, and now I see Buck USA, that don't have the 110 on them.I'm asking are they using a cheaper grade of steel to make the Buck USA, like the two in this photo?
  9. ifithitu

    Kimber Costom II 45 ACP,& Ruger SR 1911 45 Auto.

    I just bought these two 1911's in the last two months.I haven't been to the range yet to fire them. I was just wondering what opinions do you forum members have of these two 1911's? I would love hear from you all.Thanks!!!
  10. ifithitu

    Howdy forum members, from Kentucky.

    Hello members, I just join this forum. Hope to learn more about 1911's and any other weapons discused on this forum. I am a owner of three 1911's and other Pistols and revolvers!