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  1. oppo

    Why you should always use a holster

    Idiot drug dealer carrying apendix with no holster shoots himself in the junk. Ouch: Man Shoots Himself Below The Belt | The Smoking Gun
  2. oppo

    Benchmade exposed A recent photo of the SS Benchmade
  3. oppo

    5 vs 1 home invasion

    Fortunately for this homeowner, he didn't listen to Biden.
  4. oppo

    Holsters and carry options

    For those who carry, how do you carry and what has your experience been? Currently, my preferred carry is a full size pistol at 3:00-3:30 in an IWB hybrid holster.(crossbreed style) Having 2 clips, 1 at each end allows it to be very secure and adjustable for cant. I prefer this position with...
  5. oppo

    This is great

    Tomi's Hillary line about 3 minutes in.
  6. oppo

    Democrat strategy

    Seems familiar...
  7. oppo

    Brownells donates AR15's to school resource officers :waytogo:
  8. oppo

    Professor shoots himself to protest Trump

    This pretty much sums up what is wrong with the left.
  9. oppo

    New GP100 grip panels

    I figured the GP100 was overdue for a little love so I ordered some new walnut grip inserts. I got them from a place called Chig's grips. On their site, you can pick out the exact set you want, not just the style. These fit perfectly and look great in person.
  10. oppo

    Defensive pistol suggestions for mom

    She is in her 60's and has arthritis. For now, she is borrowing my Glock 19. For the most part, she does ok with it and doesn't mind the recoil but it does cause her arthritis to act up and she has more difficulty loading the magazines than anything else. I am sure the magazine issue could be...
  11. oppo

    M&P trigger upgrade

    Well, after debating about it for a long time, I finally upgraded the trigger on my M&P. It now has the Apex full kit, flat faced trigger, and newer style sear. The reset on the original trigger was non existent. The new trigger is not only a little lighter but much shorter and crisper and...
  12. oppo

    Tried some rental guns today

    I actually got off work at a decent time today and decided to stop by the range. I wanted to see if they had an M&P 380 for my wife to try later. I was also thinking about trying a CM9 again to upgrade my pocket gun. They sold their CM9 and don't currently have an M&P 380 but are supposed to...
  13. oppo

    FFP MOA reticle

    Why has no one done this before? With all the BDC type reticles out there, why has no one else simply used an MOA scale like all the ballistics chart use? I know there have been plenty of mil dot reticles but I believe this is the first MOA reticle I have heard of. Primary Arms 4-14X44mm...
  14. oppo

    24 hour sale - lowers for $29

    Primary arms has Anderson lowers on sale for $29 Shopping
  15. oppo

    Finally finished the 7.62x39

    It was originally going to be a 6.8 but mainly because of ammo cost it ended up being a 7.62x39. It mostly a budget build does have a Geissele trigger. Now she just needs some irons or an optic.
  16. oppo

    Budget optic for 7.62x39 AR15

    A while back, I started what I intended to be a 6.8 built specifically for hunting. I got the lower built with a Magpul FDE CTS stock and grip and a Geissele trigger. When I got to that point, the barrel I wanted was out of stock. Then, life got in the way and I am finally getting around to...
  17. oppo

    AR vs AK finally settled
  18. oppo

    Intuit steals tens of thousands from Gunsite

    "Intuit Quickbooks Reverses Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Gunsite’s Charges" This BS needs to be prosecuted.
  19. oppo

    So much fail (home defense ammo)

    This ignorant fool just doesn't get it. Any round that will adequately penetrate the vitals of a human torso will penetrate through walls. He actually thinks a 53 grain vmax has too much penetration for defensive use. I feel sorry for anyone ignorant or foolish enough to listen to him...
  20. oppo

    Mossberg cuts ties with Dicks I might need to add a Mossberg to the collection.