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  1. TScottW99

    .22 Suppressor

    Well I finally got my .22 suppressor! It's only taken about 2 1/2 years. The ATF only took 4 months and 12 days, pretty quick. Can't wait to go shooting. It's a Master Piece Arms Sentinel that I won on a Facebook contest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. TScottW99

    So what Gun Related stuff did you buy this week?

    I won a used TC Hawken on Gunbroker last night. Mailing the funds out tomorrow. Can't wait to shoot it, has been 20 + years since I've had a sidelock. A picture from the auction.
  3. TScottW99

    Glock 42

    Picked up a Glock 42 the other week. I've never been a big .380 fan but this pistol is changing my mind. Shoots great, handles great plus it's a Glock. The blue label price of $319 is awesome as well. My wife shot it though and it probably cost me the pistol. First 12 rounds was the size of...
  4. TScottW99

    Ruger 22/45 Lite

    Hey guys! Been awhile since I was on the forums. Just bought me a birthday present, a Ruger 22/45 Lite. It's my second 22/45, great pistols. I won a suppressor awhile back in a Facebook contest. ATF is finishing up my paperwork so I needed something to put it on. Plan on putting a Burris...
  5. TScottW99

    Savoy Leather Holster

    My loving wife ordered a Savoy Leather SAVOY LEATHER | Handcrafted Leather Goods holster for me on our anniversary. It came in today and I couldn't be happier! Great quality and it looks beautiful. The Ruger SR1911 looks pretty sharp in it if I do say so myself :D
  6. TScottW99

    Ruger 22/45

    I bought a Ruger 22/45 a couple of years ago. I am a big fan of this pistol. It will shoot much better than I can and a blast on the range. My biggest gripe is the magazine disconnect and the hard magazine release. Santa brought me the fix for both this year. A Tandemkross magazine...
  7. TScottW99

    Blind Squirrel

    Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then :D Lady at Walmart was hiding them behind the counter for someone. When I told her I haven't bought .22lr in so long she felt guilty and pulled them out and asked if I wanted them. She said she would get in trouble if her boss saw...
  8. TScottW99

    Yankee Hill 6.8SPC Upper

    This is a brand new, stripped Yankee Hill Machine flat top upper. It is marked as 6.8SPC. Forged from 7075 aluminum that has been T6 heat treated and hard coat anodized (Mil-A-8625A). The A3 features a flattop design with an integral Picatinny-style rail and no sights with M4-style feed ramps...
  9. TScottW99

    VZ Grips from Santa

    Santa stopped by the house the other night. Guess I must be doing something right as he dropped of a pair of VZ Grips Elite Tactical Frag grips for my Ruger SR1911 commander. :D These are the carbon fiber finish. He also included the Turbo blackout screws which really look good. These feel...
  10. TScottW99

    A Christmas Letter

    Just finished watching the video to an amazing story. I don't care how dry eyed you usually are, you will clean the dust out of your sockets with this story.... Brenda Schmitz's Christmas Wish - YouTube
  11. TScottW99

    Long Week

    Have not been around for a week or so. Was in the academy for General Instructor school. Have been asking for this school for a very long time and was finally able to go. Glad to announce that I graduated :D Time to catch up on the forum and go shoot some at the range :D
  12. TScottW99

    $50 Lowers

    Just noticed that PSA has Anderson Lowers for $50 :shakehead: Anderson Lower Receiver w/ Integral Trigger Guard That is a heck of a deal.
  13. TScottW99

    Buck Down

    Went back to where I'm from & went hunting with Dad today. This afternoon Dad and I went to the eastern part of the county to hunt a small farm. When we got there Dad started to speak with the landowner as I looked around. The landowner said he had not seen a deer on two weeks. I then...
  14. TScottW99


    Was finally able to get out last night for a deer hunt. A good friend let me come down to his place for a doe hunt. With the gout I needed an easy place to hunt and this fit the bill. Setup in some hay bales to watch a field edge. A yearling doe & two button bucks came out and gave a...
  15. TScottW99


    Started my deer vacation in Sunday, two weeks off :D ( that was the good news). Last day of work I could barley walk, so went to the Dr first thing Sunday. Seems I have gout in my left foot (that's the bad news, Duh :D ) No fun at all! Hoping to actually hunt tomorrow evening, fingers...
  16. TScottW99

    Redding T7

    Was wondering if anyone uses a Redding T7 turret press for reloading. I have been looking at them for several years now and have about decided on getting one. Would like some opinions. I really like that I can change out the heads, that way my dies will be set and and I won't have to change...
  17. TScottW99

    More Than 1M CAs Having Insurance Cancelled

    Story here...... More Than 1M Californians Notified Health Insurance Will Be Cancelled « CBS Sacramento What really gets me is the MSM calling it the Affordable Care Act. Let the President own it, call it the Obamacare.
  18. TScottW99

    Toner Glocks

    I'm not much on the customization of Glock pistols. I've worked on triggers and changed out sights but that's it. I just read an article in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of American Handgunner that had me feeling differently. Toner Machining and John Connor teamed up to make Glock Modpaks. Wishing...
  19. TScottW99


    Wondering if anyone uses Ballistol at all for gun maintenance and cleaning? I enter about every gun related contest that I see on social media and elsewhere. I actually ended up winning $40 worth of Ballistol products the other day and it should be here at the house any day now. :peace: I...
  20. TScottW99

    Sig P245

    Stopped by to see an old friend the other day. I ended up leaving with a German made Sig P245 in .45acp. My friend pretty much gifted it to me and I was totally shocked. I have drooled over the pistol for several years now and he can no longer shoot or carry the bigger pistols. The pistol...