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  1. Jo6pak

    Medals of Honor to be given to 2 Vietnam Vets

    Better late than never, I guess. Acts of true heroism should never be forgotten. Vietnam soldiers receive Medal of Honor
  2. Jo6pak

    Armed Doctor stops hospital shooter.

    Wonder how much traction this will get in the media........not much I fear. Seems the latest "mass-shooting" was not a "mass-shooting" because there was a good guy with a gun. Doctor Fired Back at Gunman in Hospital Attack - ABC News
  3. Jo6pak

    CZ Kadet kit on the way!!

    Just got off the phone with my local gunshop. He finally stumbled upon a Kadet .22 conversion for my CZ-75b. I've been trying to track one down for months, and ole' Jim finally pulls though:favorites37: Should have it later this week. Now if I culd just find a bunch of different .22 ammo to...
  4. Jo6pak

    Morel hunting

    Seems this is as good a place as any for this. How many forum members are morel hunters? I made a pretty good haul today. Spent about 1.5 hours searching, but more than half of these were found in about 15 minutes. today's trophy shroom
  5. Jo6pak

    Gilboa Snake Carbine

    Just when we thought (or hoped) that they had done everything possible to an AR platform....:wtf2: Snake Seriously, if you need more firepower, get a bigger caliber. For what this thing would weigh loaded you might as well carry a M1A scout or SCAR-H. :shitsweak:
  6. Jo6pak

    Careful, he has a tattoo!!!

    This is just funny. The guy is probably lucky he didn't have to stratch himself, or the cops might have shot him. Hoplophobia strikes again Maine man's 'gun' turns out to be a tattoo
  7. Jo6pak

    FS = LAW Rocket Tube

    Selling this LAW rocket tube. It's complete and in pretty good shape. There is a small tear in the rubber covering the trigger button and some cosmetic scuffs and some adhesive residue on one side from a "inert" sticker that I took off years ago. These usually sell for $160-200 for specimens...
  8. Jo6pak

    FS= Ruger Red Label

    SOLD- Ruger Red Label I am selling my Ruger Red Label. This shotgun has been babied since I bought it new about 7 years ago. I only used it for sporting clays and no longer shoot much. My best estimate is that it has 700-1000 rounds through it. It is in excellent condition. 12 ga. 3"...
  9. Jo6pak

    Forgotten Weapons channel

    Thought you kids might find this interesting. I've found a pretty cool YouTube channel called "Forgotten Weapons". Lots of milsurp guns and info. Well done informative videos with fieldstipping and details on how the weapons function. If you are into vintage military guns, it's some cool shit...
  10. Jo6pak

    Thou shall not steal...or else

    This punk picked the wrong target. MSN Entertainment -
  11. Jo6pak

    A bird in the Hand...

    MSN Entertainment -
  12. Jo6pak

    FS: Trijicon reflex sight

    FS: Trijicon reflex sight- SOLD This sight has been mounted on several weapons over the years, but has been without a home for a while. It's used, and shows it with a bit of wear and a few nicks here and there. But the glass is still perfect and the dot bright even in total darkness...
  13. Jo6pak

    FS= M1a with all the fixins'

    Springfield M1A Squad/Scout Vltor Modstock Trijicon Accupoint 3x9 on a Springfield Gen3 mount Fulton Armory short forearm picatinny rail w/ Harris bipod adaptor BlueForce quick adjust 2pt sling 5 - 20rd mags 2 - 5rd mags Original Stock and heatshield Orginal LER Scope mount. Original stripper...
  14. Jo6pak


    So I was listening to NPR's "On the Media" today. And I don't want to get off into a whole "NPR sucks debate" but I did find one fact one be completely moronic. The guest said something then completely contradicted herself in the same breath. Take a listen...
  15. Jo6pak

    Impact Seal Targets

    It's no secret that shooting reactive targets is more fun than punching paper. But, the disadvantage is always needing to walk downrange and reset. This, or course, can be eliminated by using metal spinners, gongs and such. The disadvantage then becomes increased dangers of riccochets, cost, and...
  16. Jo6pak

    More media bias So, MSN sees a mother protecting her family as a "trigger happy mom"? Are you friggin kidding me? She hit the guy 5 out of 6 shots, to a small area, under stress. Would they have been happier if the guy raped her in front of...
  17. Jo6pak

    Price check= M1A

    I've been reducing my collection as of late, trying to pear down the collection to guns that get used most often. So, I'm thinking of selling my Springfeild M1A Scout. Putting a feeler out to get an idea of a reasonable price. Granted, there is a feeding frenzy on everything semi-auto, but I'm...
  18. Jo6pak

    Hello from Western WI

    Hey everyone, I was pointed to this forum by JeepKJCountry. I've been shooting and hunting since my early teens, which makes more than 20 years. I hunt squirrel, cottontails, grouse, pheasant, whitetail deer, and occasionally snowshoe and geese. My firearms safe contains everything from a...