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  1. MrMarty51

    Bolt Gun Picture Thread

    Welp. I got one passed on to Me. The wifeys Uncle passed away last summer. His two daughters thought that I should have His shotgun and rifle. Seems that all of a sudden one of the hubbys decided that He would take up bird hunting so I relinquished the shotgun. I did however, when returning from...
  2. MrMarty51

    Lets see your Handgun pics!

    Here`s Mine Top is an old Sterling Model:400 in a .380 cal. Safety broke, I got a new one, not yet installed, Who needs a safety anyways ??? It took a bit of testing to find the ammo it really likes, also had to reshape the magazines feed lips to get it to be a fool proof shooter. Mine CC...
  3. MrMarty51

    What is this "PRIVACY" Thing ????

    A news program I try to NOT miss. The Hal Lindsey Report has news of the US and the world that You will not see in the regular media. Tonights episode was about the spy agency of the US called NROL-39 and then He started giving views of the agreement with Iran, it was then that all of the...
  4. MrMarty51

    Funny Pics

    Like these ???
  5. MrMarty51

    80% Lower Receivers

    Just sort of got into checking these out the other evening. The pricing is not so outstanding for having to do the final fit and finish, but, the thing I like is there is NO FFL required as it is an unfinished home made unit. Even make up Your own serial nummers and such. even put Your own brand...
  6. MrMarty51


    Now I`m wunnering, if, I should leave it with its rusty patina or if I should scrub~N~Sand an painter black. I sort a like the mix Mil.Spec. green wit the rusty/crusty patina too. Oh My, another decision. OH, the rifles a AR10, chrome moly barrel. See, they will sneak out, one or two at a time...
  7. MrMarty51

    Gun & Self Defense Related Signs & Pics

    Maybe some of these have already been on. I did`nt read all of the ones posted.
  8. MrMarty51

    I want One of These, AR10, M1A and A1

    Armalite AR-10 .308 Drum Magazine - X Products Also mags for the AR15.
  9. MrMarty51

    Coming in From Eastern Montana

    HUH UH, :shakehead: Do`nt like showing pics of what I got, Well, OK. Without pulling them all out of the vault, I snapped a few for Youse guys.
  10. MrMarty51

    Coming in From Eastern Montana

    That HotrodPC is a good guide, He got Me here then just sort of vanished into the sagebrush and cactus. I dont hunt much any more, mostly shoot papers and such. Dont like blobama either. Have a few rifles and pistols scattered here~N~there and drag them out once in a while, clean um shoot um...