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    New rules

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    build my ar

    here in california, every gun needs to be registered. the one loophole is that i can build 5 guns a year and these guns do not require a serial number or any registration at all. so instead of buying one, i would rather build one. i figure i want everything to be .223. other than that, im open...
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    build my ar

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    build my ar

    ok guys, i know nothing about ar builds. my nephews are big into it and make their own complete lowers from scratch. they however live 3 hours away and are always busy. and they also spend more than i would want on their builds. so i bought a pink lower from the group buy to build for my...
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    Firearm Personality

    hey now..... i happen to have a remington 700 in a .270. but im asian, how can i be a hick??? well..... i did spend a few years in wyoming.....
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    New rules

    damn coffee drinkers..... i cant stand that stuff
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    weres all of our members?

    sorry. raptor forum business has been taking all of my spare time.
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    looking for a distance scope

    check out bushnell. i have all bushnell scopes. the banner series are the ones i have on 6 of my .22 rifles. i run the elite 6500 on my .270 and .338 lapua. but eventhe cheaper banner series have great clarity.
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    Ebola spreading in Texas

    you actually had faith? there are going to be a lot of sick people. im hoping some government official gets it and spreads it throughout the white house. mother nature needs to take out the garbage
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    New AR-15 80% lower jig

    interesting. my nephews build their own lowers from scratch. might be worth comparing them.
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    instead of selling your house, how bout you give it to me?
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    New from the Netherlands

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    I want to build an AR...

    im in the same boat as the op. my brother in law helped me build my lower. i have no idea what to do with it.
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    NYC LEO's watch and hide till unarmed man takes down knife wielding murderer

    just wondering when the knife ban will go into place. then how will you spread butter on your bread? or maybe there will be a background check for all knives purchased and a 30 hold inbetween each knife purchase. that should definitely cut down on knife attacks.
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    nice search job and cuffs

    and just because they have a uniform and a badge, we are supposed to trust them. if he were my partner, i would be asking to transfer immediately
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    Iraq situation having me question why

    my best friend was a ranger as well. luckily he got out a few years back. he once told me that he was so tired of dealing with the middle east he said, and i quote "nuke them all" he has a right to say that, he served, and a soldiers word means more than mine. but at some point, its going to...
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    S&w .500

    if you are in bear country, the 500 is the way to go.
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    S&w .500

    the 500 isnt that bad of a recoil. i have the exact same gun you are talking about. the smaller loads are not much more than a hot 44 load. however, the 440 grain buffalo bore rounds will definitely give a bit more kick. its mostly the palm of you hand that takes the beating. not so much the...