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  1. infidel

    Opinions on .40 cal 1911

    I am in the market for a .40 cal handgun. Thinking about a 1911 variant vs a HK , thoughts? The reason I'm going .40 is that I already have a thousand rounds of hornady ammo that I don't want to get rid of. Sold my Beretta Px4 now I'm looking to replace. Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk 2
  2. infidel

    Rules about ammo sales ?

    Are there any restrictions on private ammo sales through this site ?
  3. infidel

    Prepping for new assault weapons ban.

    Ok, now that the election is over I am firmly dedicated to the purchase of a new rifle. Can I get some suggestions ? Criteria: .308 or 556 $2500.00 or preferably less. Gas or piston driven. Intermediate barrel length. Accurate out to 500 yds or less with optics. I realize that's subjective...
  4. infidel

    Gun Dog section

    This would be a huge hit. I promise. Bella, Pit Rhodesian Mix 7 months.
  5. infidel

    Flo Rida checkin in....

    Blow my whistle we go....