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    build my ar

    ok guys, i know nothing about ar builds. my nephews are big into it and make their own complete lowers from scratch. they however live 3 hours away and are always busy. and they also spend more than i would want on their builds. so i bought a pink lower from the group buy to build for my...
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    my 8 year old at the range

    400 rounds and only 3 hit the hostage. but that was because the scope wasnt sighted in properly. 100ft distance
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    so i recently purchased a smith and wesson model 629-1. this revolver apparently has never been fired with the exception of the test round. upon inspection i dont see any signs of powder residue or the steel showing signs of wear in the important parts. it didnt come with box or papers so that...
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    attention SC residents

    my friend sent me this link. and he thinks we are the douchebags..... Backstreets Backlash: SC bar’s sneering message for gun owners sparks disgust, sign suggestions [pics] | Twitchy and the yelp reviews Backstreets Pub & Grill - Clemson, SC | Yelp
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    bought a smith and wesson 500

    so unfortunately i live in ca and the gun laws here suck. well i was visiting reno this past weekend and stopped in cabelas. there was a section inside called the gun library. here i found a smith and wesson 500 with a 4" barrel. i couldnt say no. i haggled a little bit with the employee there...
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    at what age?

    so im trying to figure something out. at what age should i let my oldest daughter have access to the safe? she is almost 12 now. she stays home and watches her sister who is 8. they are home alone often. is it wise to grant her the code for the safe? and if so, at what age? she is someone i dont...
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    got my new safe

    this thing is a bit big to say the least. its 6ft tall 4ft wide and 32" deep. weighs almost 1,000lbs. i definitely got larger than i needed. but i learned that from my last safe i bought back in september. i figured i should get a safe for what i needed....... ended up running out of space in 3...
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    .22 ammo for sale

    so in order to fund my .338 lapua, it has come down to having to sell some ammo. i have 10,000 rounds of .22 that i am trying to sell as a bulk lot. some of it i paid $0.06 a round, and some of it i paid $0.10 a round. it all averages out to about $0.08 a round. so 10,000 rounds for $800. if you...
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    how to properly store your guns?

    what is the best way to store your guns? do you dryfire them before putting them in the safe? a lot of guns have no accessible hammer or a hammer release/deckocker. like all my .22 rifles, my 12ga, 270, and my xd40.i dryfire them after cleaning and put them in the safe. should i not? i always...
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    got a new revolver

    picked this up a couple weeks ago. stupid ca law and their 10day waiting period. but i finally got it home a couple days ago.
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    shooting at lax

    another shooting. this time at the los angeles airport. i wonder what bans will be put in place after this incident. a young person with a high powered rifle. not good for us gun owners who travel with our firearms. LAX shooting: Several people shot at Terminal 3 - LAPD |
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    scope durability?

    i just bought this scope for my remington model 700 .270. but since i am in the market for a 338 lapua, i am wondering if this scope would have any issues dealing with the recoil of the 338. Bushnell - 4.5-30x 50mm - Mil Dot if anyone has any experience with it please chime in. i might have...
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    want to buy

    so there is no want to buy section here so i figured i should post here. ever since the wife allowed me to get a couple .22's i have been on a buying spree. its not going to go over well with her when she finds out though haha. so my 24 gun safe turns out its too small and now i have a canon 80...
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    scope mounts

    need a little info guys. i cant seem to find a solid answer. i just picked up my remington model 700 .270 i also just picked this scope up. what is the best way to mount it? nothing overly expensive, but i do need it to clear the 50mm lens. Bushnell - 4.5-30x 50mm - Mil Dot help would be...
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    california and guns on an airplane

    need some more help guys. i am heading to texas in october and i want to take my 1911 with me. its texas...... i gotta have a gun. i have to blend in will everyone else..... although, how many asian dudes are in texas? i might stick out. haha ok, so my 1911 is registered here in ca. i want to...
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    im in deep dodo

    so i went on a spending splurge. i bought an 870 12guage, winchester model 700 .270, another mossberg702 .22 and a springfield xd40. the springfield was a private party transfer so luckily i dont have to add it to the list of other handguns i have on hold. damn ca laws. the problem is my wife...
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    CA transport law?

    so i recently rolled my truck and now i am without a vehicle. my wife has her car, but i am down to my motorcycle. i am about to pick up my springfield 1911 and would like to know if anyone from ca knows if i can transport it on my bike. i have read conflicting comments wether its a concealed...
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    springfield xd40 opinions

    as you know i recently picked up 2 mossberg .22's at a local sporting goods store. the guy at the counter was awesome and saved 2 500rd boxes of ammo for me so i could break in the guns. well i was picking up the ammo today and there is a new springfield xd40 for $535 otd. first off, im not...
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    went on a spending spree

    ok, so i spent a bit of money today. and for me, it was a lot. first off, i picked up a new winchester 24 gun fire rated safe. then impulse spending go me to the gun store this afternoon where i now have 3 handguns waiting for me. but, stupid ca law only allows me to buy one handgun a month. so...
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    finally met a forum member

    maxx you dont count, since i know you from the frf. but i met swss yesterday. he was in the bay area on business and decided to drop in. one hell of a cool guy. and i tell you, he can drink some beer. hahaha. he stopped in early afternoon, but i was busy working on cars so he left for lunch...