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  1. Assault

    New Versamax

    Had to do it! Picked up the new VERSAMAX WATERFOWL PRO. I already own a blk syn versamax. The new upgrades are nice. Here are some pics to compare on upgrades If its up high, it's coming to the ground
  2. Assault

    Weatherby SA-08 youth

    Any one has some hands on with the SA-08 youth? Looking at buying both my daughters one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Assault

    True American hero My hat is off to the Marines family he left behind
  4. Assault

    CCW class

    Me and the wife took our CCW class today. It was very informational! My wife was able to understand why it's so important to protect urself!
  5. Assault

    Wife's new XDs 9mm

    We have ran 50 rds thru it this evening! She traded in her P22 for it. She shoots with both eyes open. My wife was having a hard time picking up the front sight on the P22. With the XDs with the HI-Viz front sight, she is able to keep it in the 10 ring at 30yrds
  6. Assault

    Decatur, Georgia gun man at elementary school

    All kids safe, one shooter in custody If its up high, it's coming to the ground
  7. Assault

    Rangerdanger gay lover

    Wanted to drop in and see what's up. Checking to see if anyone knows what they are talking about or r y'all google junkies who think they know what they are doing! So, what's up?