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  1. tenfo

    Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.

    Couple that I put together. Mega receivers, DD 10.3" 5.56 bbl in a Mega Mono upper The other upper is a Mega with a Rainier rail and Grim Reaper Tactical 8.5" 300BLK bbl. The can is an AAC 7.62 SDN-6. Two cans in the pic, one is for my dad's AR10 chambered in .243
  2. tenfo

    Ever been tasered?

    I was hit with an X26 after graduating from the police academy. Shot with probes in the back and took the five second exposure. Ever had a muscle cramp? It feels about like that through most of your body. It pulses about 19 times a second, and I felt every pulse slam though my muscles. It was...
  3. tenfo


    Thanks guys! I think a very small portion is blocked at the bottom, but I don't notice it. Same goes for the front sight post.
  4. tenfo


    Hello. I used to be on GMFS all the time as Matt. Now as TK5. Now I've got another alias :chewie: Anyways, I figured I'd give this place a ride for a bit. :favorites37: Pew pew
  5. tenfo

    Rock Island Armory .45

    I used to have a compact. Great gun, but I like more capacity these days. SOLD!
  6. tenfo

    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    Mega! This is my patrol rifle. I just got my SBR stamp back for it. I'll probably throw a 10.3" DD barrel. I also have an 8.5" 300BLK upper for it. Should have my suppressor later this month.
  7. tenfo

    Conceal Carry

    I also carry a G23 with Speer Gold Dots in a Crossbreed clone IWB holster. I used to carry a micro Kahr, but I hated shooting it. Holster is incredibly comfy.