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  1. ifithitu

    Four of my Knives collection

    One made in China,S&W,Harley D. & Buck USA.
  2. ifithitu

    Another Texan

    Howdy frol Kentucky!!!
  3. ifithitu

    Hello from Texas

    Howdy from KY.
  4. ifithitu

    Not So New but A Newb Anyway

    Howdy from KY.
  5. ifithitu

    My new Taurus M65.

    Not yet,but soon hopefully soon.
  6. ifithitu

    Patton's .357

    That's very nice!
  7. ifithitu

    My new Taurus M65.

    My Taurus M5 4" 357 Magnum!
  8. ifithitu

    My GP 100 .357 Mag. Match Champion.

    I bought this beauty Monday.
  9. ifithitu

    My S&W 1911 E Series 45 Auto. with Lasergrip.

  10. ifithitu

    So what Gun Related stuff did you buy this week?

    I picked up my Bulldog .44 Special out of layaway this week.And I bought a Colt .45 auto. & a SP101 .357 Magnum. I'll post those two too.
  11. ifithitu

    New Glass

    Looks great!
  12. ifithitu

    How many Glock's do you own?

    I have two, Glock 17 9x19 mm & Glock 42 380
  13. ifithitu

    Greetings from the Mid-Atlantic states

    Howdy form KY.
  14. ifithitu

    Concealed carry permits at all-time high

    My daughter asked me to buy her a gun,and I told her she had to get her permit first.Never seen her move that fast before,with in a week she took the class and about 4 to 5 weeks she got her CDWL. I bought her a Taurus PT140 Millenniun G2 40 Cal.
  15. ifithitu

    Another licensed to carry

  16. ifithitu

    So what's your ideal home defense gun?

    I have semi pistols,revolvers,no rifles,I like my Shotguns for home defense.
  17. ifithitu


    I got my CC when Kentucky,first made it Law in the Commonwealth,and it has always been "CDWL" in Louisville,KY. I wouldn't know about the glasses,I don't wear them.:handshake:
  18. ifithitu

    Roll Call,which branch of the U.S.Military did you serve in for this country?

    I served two years in the Uinted State Marine Corps!
  19. ifithitu


    In the Commonwealth Of Kentucky,our CC's are called " Concealed Deadly Weapons License." What is the proper name for your State or Commonwealth,to concealed carry?
  20. ifithitu

    I like " Buck Knives " who else like them?

    I have always liked Buck's 110,& 119, and now I see Buck USA, that don't have the 110 on them.I'm asking are they using a cheaper grade of steel to make the Buck USA, like the two in this photo?