10/22 Triggerbuddy


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After thorough testing and Re-Testing the Triggerbuddy I figured it would be nice to share what I learned from the product!

First off Installation is Simple when you learn how it works and how to put it together correctly.

1. Remove the Trigger Buddy from the box and open the instructions

2. Remove the Trigger Buddy from the Packaging and lay out the contents

3. Remove the Magazine from the rifle

4. Lock the Bolt back and Visually inspect the gun to make sure it is empty

5. Push Safety on and visually check for the gun to be on safe

6. Install the Right side of the Trigger Buddy into the Trigger Guard

7. Install Pin In between Gear and Trigger

8. Install the Left side after assuring the retaining plate is flat with the trigger guard and tighten snug (This is critical) Pull down and back until the pin just barely kisses the trigger.

Every Revolution is 6 shots so you can really make it fly! If you go too fast you can have a misfire from the 10/22 bolt bounce but Personally once I learned how to make it shoot at the right speed I haven't had any problems. I have put 1500+ rounds through the trigger buddy and it holds up great!

Its a real blast to shoot out of the 10/22 and I love the product hands down its fun to shoot, easy to install once you learn how it works and it doesn't scratch up your gun like the BAF aculator. You really have control of either firing one shot or 50 and you can do it accurately and safely!

Here is the Video from the triggerbuddy website

Here is what I feel like when I am shooting Trigger Buddy

As a Disabled Firefighter I have been hunting for that adrenaline rush ever since i was hurt and every time i am sitting at home alone bored going out and blasting a few hundred rounds down range feeling like i am using a full auto puts a HUGE smile on my face!


I am not an employee of Triggerbuddy. Other than having conversations with the owner of the company on installation and giving feedback on how it works from my view. I am working on getting a good photo instructional on installation for his company because he has helped me out allot on how to install the product and gives me a good conversation once in awhile now that we are buddies.

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