AAR 21st Century Gunfighter Carbine 1


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Class: 21st Century Gunfighter Carbine 1
Date: 10/14/2012
Location: Jacob's Plain Gun Club, Greenville, TX
Instructor: Stephen Pineau

First we couldn't have asked for better weather, it had rained the night before and a cool front was moving through so huge bonus on the weather. It was muddy but if anything that threw a variable into the training, either way it never really bothered anyone. Stephen started of with a thorough safety brief the "Big Picture" rule, what is acceptable, what is not and that you will be corrected if you breach any of those. We then zeroed at 50yds because it "provides the flattest trajectory possible for the most plausible engagement distances". While this was explained a chart on bullet path was provided backing this up driving home where you Point of Aim/Point of Impact is from 25yds out to 250yds. The most important part of this is to learn where your mechanical offset will be at these distances and more importantly this has to be a natural reaction, know where you are zeroed and know how your where your bullet will strike at said distance in a sub conscious reaction.

Second, fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals..... If your fundamentals are sound, your shooting will be sound. Stephen worked one on one with every person in the class on grip, full extension of support hand, placement of stock into the chest, length of the stock (if adjustable) and a solid cheek weld. The same went for stance and was built from the feet to the shoulders. This moved into accuracy. Sight Alignment/Picture, Trigger Control, Breathing, and Follow Through all while fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals was driven home, this is the foundation you are building on. Time was spent on all the ready positions and how these are all situation specific and the process from the fight to assess in a engagement situation. We moved into Balance of Speed and Accuracy BSA using a timer to get a base time while a threat was engaged then changing the circumstances of the threat in distance and target area of the threat to get a understanding of your personal BSA. Let me stress this, it was not about how many rounds you shot or how fast you shot it was all about having confidence in knowing what you can do and making it happen to GET YOUR HITS.

Next we worked on emergency reloads and tactical reloads the difference between them. Here gear selection and set up was addressed, how to properly index the mag and drill in both reload situations. Malfunctions, this is where I see huge value in Stephen's curriculum. He spent this time on clearly defining causes and solutions, I'm not going into huge detail on this because you need to have him teach you this because he so clearly and thoroughly covers this you WILL have the knowledge and confidence to clear all malfunctions and get back into the fight. Next we performed a shooting and movement drill that absolutely pushed me to the limit (hated it at the moment but looking back now it was very cool).

Lastly was a debrief, this was nowhere on my radar but was a great surprise. All of us were asked and allowed to absolutely speak our minds on what we took away and what we did and did not like about the class. All the while Stephen was open to all comments good and bad. His reasoning, that he knows he can't make it better without his student input, good and bad, a man who cares about his product/service and those who come to him. I can't recommend 21st Century Gunfighter enough, he is one of the most approachable people around who takes time for each of his students, whether they are struggling through a drill, problems with a firearm, or taking the time to make sure the topic is crystal clear. There is no better bang for the buck (pardon the pun). The fact that he is co-teaching with Costa means he is going far and I'm one who is sold and with him for the duration. There I'm off my soapbox.

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