Anyone else have a GSG 5

Big Chris

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Me and a couple buddys picked these up at a local Dunhams for under 300 bucks. They are 22lr so cheep to shoot and fun to play around w in the backyard.


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i had one for a little while. it was pretty accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. only problem i had was magazine feed issues. i didnt care for the finish too much, but what can you expect for under $300. if it werent for the feed issue i would still have it.


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i have one, fun gun , also have had alot of feeding issues,but once the mags got a lil warn it got better, also make sure you change the screws inside the gun, they will loosen up i also rec if you didnt already the hks break down pins, makes taking the gun apart so much easier this is mine


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I have one of the early ones, the feeder lip broke and they fixed it and did some updates prob 6 months ago. It was out of the warranty period and took care of me so A+ on there support.


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I looked at one in Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday. Seems like a pretty nice gun. I liked the look, feel and weight and it had decent sights.

Big Chris

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I bought 5 GSG factory mags and the only problem ive had is cheap ammo not fully ejecting. Thats only on occasion. I can unload a full mag rapid fire w no issue normally.
Glock V i like the MP for grip and light color.

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