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Hello there everyone!

I'm currently writing a fantasy novel, it's a project which has been growing since I was in my teens and began writing the manuscript three years ago.

I want the story to be as authentic as possible so I am putting a lot of research into it, however I'm a complete novice when it comes to historical weapons and I'm hoping someone can set me in the right direction.

Essentially I've come to the part in the story when our hero is getting her first archery lesson. The character in question has never shot an arrow from a bow before and her mentor is a highly skilled archer.

I've done some research already and came across the ten steps to archery but I'm doubting whether or not these steps apply to archery from a historical sense? I'd assume that the stance hasn't changed much but what I am questioning is would the arrow be loaded in the same manner and would the terminology be the same? I'd assume it would be the same basic principal but anything I could find refers to a modern bow and I know there's a bit more to the mechanism of a modern bow as apposed to a historical one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Peace and Love
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Depends on what era your archery takes place in. As with everything, archery and equipment evolves. Things like arrow rests and sights may not have been common on bows in your time frame. Here is a link to a comparison of archery today vs medieval times. Good luck with your project.

Medieval versus Modern Archery - Dan Koboldt

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