I like " Buck Knives " who else like them?


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I have always liked Buck's 110,& 119, and now I see Buck USA, that don't have the 110 on them.I'm asking are they using a cheaper grade of steel to make the Buck USA, like the two in this photo?



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Got one in my pocket right now that I carry every day. It looks exactly like the second one in the pic.


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I will be honest, I like buck knives, and I do have one, but I keep it in my safe at the moment. If memory serves it was a birthday gift from my wife once. I will have to pull it out and get some pics.


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I could have sworn I saw it before I left the house to move into mine with my family. You sure it was that long ago? You had the old military bayonet knife and that one was either in or close to the toolbox because I thought I remembered picking it up and admiring it.

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