Invite from another car forum ok?


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They have a sub-forum for firearms, and they have a few guys with some EXCELLENT collections. All seem to be good guys too.


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as long as it's OK with the receiving forum, it's absolutely good with us. the more the merrier!


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I didn't know about this place until I got a newsletter email today. I posted a mesasge on GMSB about this place in our Great Outdoors Forum of the Members Area that FullyDriven has grown once again. We have several hunters, gun gurus and a couple archery guys there. I'm sure they'll end up here eventually.

Where do you want a posting for corrections on here??? Parent Forum DIY/Gun Smithing has a typo of DYI that needs corrected. :rofl: Wouldn't want that to go 2 years like Street Suspeshion did on GMSB. I has no powers here can't correct it. :grd:

And while in the Admin Control Panel, Maybe add a Child Forum to Parent Forum General Weapons called Militaia. Lots of guys are into old military relics, bayonets, grenade launchers and general GI soldier gear.
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:rofl: Thanks for the reminder, I meant to change that too. It didn't come up right away, and then when it finally did, I didn't go back into the User CP and change it, but meant too.

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