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ok guys, and girls (if there are any)

i have shot multiple guns many times, gun safety courses ect. etc. etc.......... but since i have been married (12 years now) my wife does not like guns, so i have become detatched from the gun world. my oldest daughter is now 10 and we shoot 22's at my brother in laws house when we visit. i figure since we have a gun range 2 miles from our house, i can start taking her shooting for practice. what i would like to find out, is who makes the most reliable lever action 22 these days without breaking the bank? when i first started shooting (25 years ago) i used an old henry rifle. before i go into a store, i would like to get feedback from people who actually use them, so i know what to look for. and what brand to avoid

thanks in advance


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My brother has a Marlin 39A and he really likes it. I have a Winchester 9422 and it is nice, but more money than the Marlin.


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dang fellas he said "not break the bank" jk! :) i bought my 39a years ago for $240 now theyre around $450. the new henry lever action 22 seems to do great, we got one for my nephew last year for christmas and it has held up to his abuse really well. it was $200, which i thought was pretty cheap for a decent quality good shooting rifle. the finish on the receiver doesnt look high quality but it seems to resist scratches pretty good. if i had to guess i would say its just regular paint. this year were prob gonna get him a scope for it. if youre looking to spend more a browning is at the top of the list of good shooters

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ok guys. i got the ok from the wife and have been thinking about this. what about bolt actions? i know here in ca. we have a 10 rd capacity limit but im thinking a bolt action with a decent scope. any help would be appreciated, since its going to be a christmas present to my daughter........ and there is the 10 day waiting period......


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Depending on your budget, CZs are outstanding. I absolutely love my 452. Another very good option would be Savage. A Marlin wouldn't be bad either.

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