Marlin 25N


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I have the chance of getting a 25N, free. I only have seen pics of it so far and it looks like the stock is in pretty good shape but the steel has lost most of the bluing and has some rust spots. I'm not even sure if it was ever fired and by the amount of dust on it, it appears to have sat untouched for a long time. I don't think it has any magazines with it. From what I was told, it has stood in the back of a closet for years.

I'm thinking of turning this into a project gun as I will have zero investment in it to start and making this old gun into a nice little shooter for paper punching. My son loves shooting my Savage FV-SR and this could be his if he plays his cards right.

Here are a few pics. I can post more by request.




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Do it. My kids have a 15yn (the single shot youth version of the same rifle. The trigger isn't great, but it works, and my kids do quite well with it, even with a crappy scope (a 4x32mm tasco).


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I picked up the rifle last night. My first impression was that while a bit dirty, it was in pretty good condition.

First thing I did was remove the bolt which didn't look too bad. That is a spot of white paint on the bolt handle.


Mostly dust, minor rust inside:


Next, I gave the bore a good scrubbing after which, it shined like a mirror with no obvious defects. The exposed parts of the barrel and action have lost most of the finish and one spot near the front sight it looks like it was scrubbed. Just a few minor rust spots with no pitting.




The stock is solid with only a minor nick on the forend. The entire stock appears to have been varnished at some time in its life.


Mechanically, everything is sound and functional. The action functioned smoothly after I cleaned and lubed everything.

I only had an hour to tinker with it but I got it cleaned and lubricated. My next step will be a range trip. After that I just have to decide how I want to restore the finish.

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