New Go to and new Trainer


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New Go to AR 15 and new Training Carbine

My new primary is on top: BCM, LW KMR Upper, w/ Spike's NiBo BCG/bolt, upgraded redX firing pin. Anderson lower with Keep and bear NiBo polished trigger pack.

My new training rifle is below (replacing my LWRCM6A2)

As a training rifle it has some different priorities in configuration

SR556C Upper (that's a 14.5 inch w/ integrally machined flashider to 16 inch, Ruger Piston with hard chromed BCG/bolt and hard chromed piston gas system. Adjustable gas)
Lower is Bushmaster with keep and bera NiBo polished trigger pack upgraded with Wolff High power Hammer spring to support the RedX upgraded firing pin in shooting my very cheap (but hard primer) training Ammo.

The Ruger upper is heavy... but thats not a bug as much as a feature... since for training I dont mind heavier rifles as this will help prepare me for real world situation where I will be shooting my lighter rifle but will likely 99% exhausted .

Since the heavy upper moves the balance of the rifle to the front I moved my VFG one notch forward. My Eotech one notch forward and I have a more straight grip angle.

As a result I hope to alleviate this difference in balance between my trainer and my go-to a bit.

I may yet switch the stocks between the 2..they are both nice but giving the heavier stock to the trainer would help minimize balance difference even further.
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PS: My Go-to will still get an Inforce WML which will ada (a little) weight to the front and bring the balance more in line w/ the trainer as well.
The trainer will not get a WML (cost and also if I do train in bad light I will use my go-to)
Also my go-to will not get the Wolff Hi Power Hammer spring as I prefer the lighter trigger pull of the keepandbear springs and my go-to will be fed with premium ammo (or at least non hard primer ammo)


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PS#2: Just moved the VFG on my trainer one notch forward. Usually I like 'em more back than that but the front heavy nature of the SR556C upper makes the new position superior.
Rifle feels better now.


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My training rifle turns out to be a no-go:
DAy before Yesterday shot 120 rounds of brass thru my new trainer w/ the Ruger upper
Got a stuck case.
First stuck case i ever had in many years and many many rounds of shooting.
Was kinda weird to me especially since it was quality brass.

Shot it yesterday w/ steel got 2 stuck cases. hards stuck too .. bent my cleaning rod when I tried to push them out.
This was with Golden Tiger Ammo which I have gone thru 3-4 cases now in 3 different other rifles (Troy, Sig516, BCM) with no stuck cases.
Something is not right with this guns chamber...

Did Kroil on the chamber right after first stuck case today.
Todays stuck case was really an alarmbell for me since the one yesterday could be explained away as a fluke..
But even after Kroil ing the chamber.. 3 and ahalf mags later down the course another stuck case.. thats when I packed the carbine up for the day (after extracting again with a buddy professional rod that didnt bend ... even with his hammer and the barrel in a vise it took several hits to get out the case)
Gun was down HARD in a firefight I would have been a goner.
Something like this Has Never happened to me before despite shooting approx 35,000 rds thru various ARs of various pedigree almost alway with economy ammo over past 5 yrs.

3 times in 2 days same gun? = Gun bad


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PS: Seller has agreed to take back rifle w/ the Ruger upper.
I do not think he knew about the problem. Most folks never run ARs as designed.

This issue only turns up once the rifle is nicely warmed up like it would be in a firefight.
IMO most folks never run their ARs as hard as that.

I dont know if sending it to Ruger would do anything.. they just might run 2 magazines of M193 through it .. have no problem and say "it's all good" and send it back at my expense.

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