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Had to do it! Picked up the new VERSAMAX WATERFOWL PRO. I already own a blk syn versamax. The new upgrades are nice.

Here are some pics to compare on upgrades

If its up high, it's coming to the ground


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Did great! Used a HEVI-SHOT brand mid range choke, Remington nitro 2.75" #4 (teal hunting). Didn't miss a bird! Was able to shoot 40-50 yards with kill on impact! No jams or FTF! Cycled like my other VERSAMAX. Still can ghost load. I like the new feed ramp. Gloves didn't snag on ramp. The Saftey isn't bigger in diameter, just sticks outwards to the side more. Did like the mag release being bigger. Was able to reload quicker. Overall, same build as original VERSAMAX, but with upgrades.

If its up high, it's coming to the ground


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I got a fox around here I would like to add to the pile. He is eating more chicken than me.
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