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The group walking around openly armed with assault rifles and roaming the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, overnight Monday in a confusing display were within the bounds of state law in their actions — and told NBC News they are doing what all Americans should: exercising their rights.

The handful of members of the right-wing citizen militia group known as the "Oath Keepers" told reporters that they have licenses to carry firearms.

It wasn't immediately clear whether they planned to return to the St. Louis suburb on Tuesday night — following a flare up of violence on the one-year anniversary of the fatal police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown.

I can see this as a double edged sword..on one hand to protect business and property owners from the thugs and looters but isn't this the responsibility of the Ferguson police to handle?. All it is going take is one of these "Oath Keepers" to open fire and more chaos will develop. I understand their motive but is it really necessary?

St. Louis County authorities declared a state of emergency and more than 100 people were arrested Monday during a second night of protests.


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The police have their hands more than full and common citizens are getting fed up with Ferguson's way of protesting.

I'm not planning any vacations there in the near future.


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Oath keepers are filling in the gap that is void in a socialist city. GOD bless them and keep them safe. A show of force is what the mayor did not do last time and the city was trashed.

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Federal snipers set up positions ACROSS from the Oathkeepers last time, with rifles trained on THEM! :favorites68:

I'd tell folks, "You LIKE your :plugged: hole, you can KEEP your :plugged: hole - we tried to help before, and you decided you liked the hoodrats better. They're ALL yours"... :devilfinger:


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Federal snipers have to live with themselves. Like the one that killed the Weavers!!!!! Demons can be a bitch!!!!!!

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