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If you have been looking at the news (not on ABC, CBS, MSNBC or NBC), Congress is opting out of the Obamacare that we - average citizens - will have to contend with. I emailed all of my senators and congressmen and told them to fix Obamacare if it was so bad that they didn't want it - or repeal it if it couldn't be fixed. This should become an issue between all of us (you and me) and our elected representatives. They deserve no better than they are giving us. What do you think?


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I agree. If congress makes a law then they need to be first in line to be part of it. Did you know that it's legal for congressmen and senators to get insider trading? But it's illegal for you, me and Martha Stuart. How is that right?

Congress has an attitude that they know what is best for us. Do as I say, not as I do. They see themselves as the parents of all of us. I for one am sick of it. We need representation that does things for us, not to us.

They need to be thrown out on their asses for voting the thing in, in the first place. Pelosi and her "We need to pass it before we know what's in it" comment. What a stupid s(@t. Can't believe these people stay in year after year. Those that voted for it have no excuse but to be part of it.
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I predict the first order of Biz for the next POTUS, is to immediately, right after inauguration the luncheon and dance is to repeal Oshitcare !!! Might even go to the oval office and repeal it, before going to the Inauguration luncheon.


2014, you insurance will be going up 200%

even if the healthcare reform act went away today, the affects of it's damage to this point will last forever


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I like dark beer but it's too hot for that shit in Texas right now. Hell it's damn near too hot to shoot guns.

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Yeap it hot 4 sure, I'm in FL. And i want to go outside and do some stuff its just to damn hot...never too hot to shoot though...lol

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