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Hi everyone, I am a filmmaker based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are currently in the pre-production phase of a feature length film entitled 'The Whole Timers'. The film deals with the decade long Maoist revolution (1996 - 2006) that happened in Nepal.

Since the film deals with a lot of battles between the rebelling guerrillas and the Royal Nepal army, I have a lot of queries regarding the weapons used at that time. Besides a limited cache of arm and ammunition bought from neighboring countries, the primary source of the weapons used by the guerrillas were the State Police and Army themselves. The Maoists initially opted to use the 'hit & run' tactic to ambush Police/Army forces to loot weapons and supplies. Gradually the rebelling guerrillas amassed a lot of weapons and built a strong army which later attacked barracks as well.

We are hoping to use Airsoft replicas that will match the actual weapons used at that time.

We've already done the basic job of knowing the basic models. However, every weapon has so many variants that it's becoming a little confusing for us. I was hoping that 'experts' in this area could help me with pin-pointing the exact models so that we have a clear starting point.

Is anyone up for something like this ?

Thanks in advance.


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I am no expert on that conflict but am willing to try and help. What weapons have you found that they used? AK47, SKS or something we may have never heard of.

Even if Airsoft makes anything close to what you are looking for it will only be in one model. You may have to make alterations to the Airsoft gun in order to tailor it to the different versions you desire.


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Thanks for the reply. Since the guerrillas used weapons looted from the Army/Police, their cache was full of weapons that are fairly common I think. This is the basic list:

1. SMLE .303 Rifle (No confusion regarding this model)

2. L1 A1 SLR (British Make)
3. L1 A1 SLR (Indian Make)
4. Belgian FN FAL

No confusion regarding SLRs and FALs as well.

5. M 16

From our research we know that the US Army sent thousands of M16s but in installments. The first installment was of M16 A2s but we're not sure if the later ones had A3s as well.

6. Sterling SMGs (I believe it's the L2 A1 but it could another variant)

7. M4 A1 or CAR 15 (We know for sure that it's one of them but often they look very similar so its confusing)

8. Galil (No confusion regarding the exact model)

9. AK 47 (Solved)

10. AKM (Solved)

11. Type 56 (Solved)

The most confusing ones:

12. M249 (We think we've pin-pointed the exact model but we would be better off with some feedback)

13. Bren LMG (It's the same with this one as well ... We know it's a Bren LMG but don't know if we're right about the variant)

We have more pictures and have heard ex-guerrillas talking about FN Minimi/FN MAG or just calling it GPMG but we're not sure which one they're talking about.

Besides the LMGs we have pictures of a few assault rifles and sniper rifles that look sophisticated and we're clueless about what they are.

I'll just attach a few pictures to start with.

I have no idea what this weapon is.

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In this picture, the guy on the right is carrying an AK47 with a folding stock. While the guy on the left is carrying a Galil I believe.

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Haven't been able to identify it yet but it's part of the Nepal Army display.


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I was able to blow up the image. The label identifies it as a HK G36. And Airsoft make it too.
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