Remington Single Shot Rimfires


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Anyone have any old Remington Single Shots?

I've got one in rough shape and plan on working it over someday.

I inherited this from my Uncle. While my Aunt, her kids and my dad fought over the cheap ass gas grill, I asked about this gun, and Aunts son who acted as if he was the one in charge and making all the decisions said, "It Ain't worth Nuthin" Told him I wasn't worried about the dollar value, it's still Uncle D's gun. I asked again, so who want's Uncle D's only gun? He said, "I don't want the worthless POS, and either would anyone else so if you want it, take it "

So much for the sentimental value huh? Idiots !!! This was first my grandfathers squirrel gun that he got from his brother, then my Uncle got it after he passed away. As far as money, NO, it's not worth much, especially in this condition, but I'm damn sure proud to have it, and it's not for sale, and never will be. Remington 514, not sure of the age exactly, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not 50's. Pre 68 for sure, No serial #'s.




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Nothing that can't be spruced up alot better than it is. I'm about 98% the stock is real walnut, so it can be sanded down and refinished. Most of the blueing is gone, but I can still clean it up with some 0000 wool and Hoppe's 9 and a keep it oiled. I want to get it cleaned so the next time out, I can put a few rounds thru it and make sure it still works and ejects and all that good stuff. Not much to these and parts are still available.


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I guess, I can't be to upset about the condition of this rifle afterall. I found some date code information from the Remington Society. .
The Remington 514 was made from 1948-1970 and approx 757,624 were made in that time.

This one has the date code of DTT. First letter D is for September, TT is for year of 1948. This is obviously a first year made Remington 514. For 64 years old, I guess it looks pretty damn good. So, as Cuz said, "It ain't worth nuthin" Still a very cool conversation piece, and would make sense that it was originally my great uncle's gun, then to my grandfather's gun, and then to my uncle.


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Don't knock the value just yet. 1st year production, over 60 years old may have a little value, even in bad condition. Ask around on a remington forum before you go messing with it.

How does it shoot? :)


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I haven't shot it yet. I'd like to make sure it does that. The inside barrel looks OK, but the outside has rust on it. I may just clean it with some Hoppes 9 and 0000. The finish is not all that great anyway. At least get the rust off, and oil it. That in itself would make it look much better and shouldn't hurt the value. Stock is all there and the finish is coming off it too. It appears some sanding would or could help it as far as cosmetics, but I'll probably leave that part alone. Next time I get out to shoot, I'll be taking this on with me.


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I have several of the 500 series Remington. They are 510 (single shot), 511 (clip fed), 512 (tube magazine) 513S (S sport model with checkering, clip, high price rifle for the time) 513T (target rifle). The 514 was a promotional rifle and started off selling at around $19.95. PLEASE don't do anything to the finish (wood or metal). From your photos it looks like the blueing has just turned brown. The stock does look a little rough, but those nicks and scratches are part of the history of the rifle. Give it a thorough cleaning and clean it after you shoot it. The wood is walnut. It is worth about $100. in it's present condition. You go and strip and refinish it, it will be worth about $35.-$50. There is a lot of years of fun in that rifle, don't erase those memories.
I think about my first .22 which is a Remington 512 that I got for my 10th birthday in 1954. I still shoot it and it has had no repairs. The blueing has turned brown and the stock has some scratches. I have killed a many a squirrel, crow, rabbit, snake, gar, won some turkey shoots, and punched holes in a lot of targets, sneaked up on a bunch of tin cans and beer bottles.
Keep your 514 like it is and enjoy it.

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