Ruger 10/22 or dedicated AR upper?


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Alright guys I'm almost done with my AR build and I need a plinker so give me some ideas and advice please. I'm leaning towards the 10/22 at the moment. If I do a 10/22 should I buy a complete rifle or start from scratch?

My plans for whichever way i go will eventually get a suppressor so the barrel must be threaded. I'd like to keep the build in the $500ish range so lets hear your thoughts, opinions, advice etc.
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I'd start with the 10/22. Probably buy one then replace parts as you feel they are necessary.

With something like the threaded 10/22 tactical rifle, you wouldn't need to do much. Change out the trigger group (the stock trigger usually stinks), put a decent scope on top (a quality 3-9x), then suppress it when you're ready.

Don't overlook your options in bolt action like the savage Mk II FVSR. I think it would make an awesome host for a suppressor.


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I love the 10-22. So easy to buy a plain Jane rifle and build as you go. Tactical Solutions makes aftermarket barrels that are very nice and threaded. Through an aftermarket stock and change out your trigger springs & sear and you will be ready to go.


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Thanks for the advice guys. Went ahead and ordered a 10/22 so hopefully I'll have it in my possession in about a week. I'll start another thread to get build advice/ideas

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