Savage Mark II Thread


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Show off your Savages.

Here is mine that I bought a few months ago and recently gave it a paint job.
Shoots great. I got it for an out the door price of $145 after taxes, fees and a trade-in. I added the flash hider.
The scope is a UTG 4x32.



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My first .22 was a mkII. Got it for my 15th birthday. It is a accurate little rifle. Was my go to rimfire until I started having extraction issues. I have since retired it. Good little gun for the money though.


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I have a wood stocked MKII with a tapered barrel and a fixed 4X scope. It's my squirrel gun and it's quite accurate with Remington Sub-sonics.

I also love to shoot the Aguila Super Colibri rounds. Super quiet, yet only good for 15 yards or so with accuracy.

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