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Anyone shooting any of the Sig 22's? 220, 226, 229. etc? Wanting to pick one up for the wife to play with. Perfect training tool. Once she in comfy with it slap on the 9mm conversion kit.


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Aren't those weapons generally not 22 that you will need a conversion to go to 22??

You are correct.

I do not own a Sig 22X but I have seen so many good things about them. Especially the 226 is the navy's sidearm. I know that everyone who has a Sig 226 and 229 and 228 are extremely happy with theirs. One gripe I had with the 226 was the hammer. When you dry fired it the hammer would rebound a little bit. People told me that was due to the decocker. I have never felt that at all before and I still do not like the feeling. If you're on a tighter budget I suggest a Sig P250. I own one in 45 acp for the compact frame. 500 rounds and no malfunctions with any ammo. Very accurate and a pleasure to shoot once you master the DAO trigger. But whatever Sig you pick, you won't be disappointed.


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Actually you can buy the 220, 226, and 229 in .22 from Sig. Then you can buy the caliber conversion .40, 9mm, .357sig to shoot other calibers. If you buy the .22 and conversion it is cheaper than buying the .40,9mm,.357 pistol alone. You end up with two calibers for less money than one.


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I bought the Sig 1911-22 for plinking and the wife to learn. She loves it and keeps it in safe on her side of the bed :}

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