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I recently picked up a Sig Hammerli Trailside 22lr 6" target pistol. This gun was made in Switzerland by Hammerli and imported by Sig in the early 2000s to compete with the S&W Model 41. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), after debuting to reviews calling it a "wonder gun" it soon started suffering some seriously bad press for an extremely minor manufacturing issue that resulted in a broken trigger guard on in a few examples. The resulting intertubes wildfire basically chased the gun from the US.

If I have my history right, Hammerli was later bought by Walther and all the equipment was moved to Germany. After the move, these guns came back to the market as the Hammerli Xesse and are available today through Larry's Guns, the only US importer.

Oh and about that manufacturing defect? Its a burr left over from the casting process that (literally) two or three passes with a file removes. With the burr gone, the clearance is back and the guard is safe.

I got mine from the original owner who said he put 100 rounds though it and then let it disappear into his safe. I've added the LG's rail and a Burris FastFireIII 3MOA red dot (my eyes suck with black on black target sites).

I've shot a fair number of different 22 pistols. This one is by far the sweetest shooter I've run across yet. Its same hole accurate out to about 25 yards, and absolutely MOA accurate at 50 yards if I feed it quality ammo (seems to like Wolf Target the best) and I do my part. I'll try to get some pics up of a target or two after tomorrow's range visit. If you get the chance to shoot one of these originals, or the new Xesse, do it! But be careful... you're gonna want one if you do ;)




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