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I know nothing about swords, but I do have a sword that my Step-Father brought back from Iwo Jima. I will take some pictures of it and let you see it. It is messed up because when I went into the Air Force, my little brother and sister tore it up.


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definatly would love to see! if you can get the handle off, on the tang is usually the signature of the maker. take pics of that too, probably shouldnt be too hard to get someone to translate and give ya more info. who knows, could be made by a well known swordsmith and might be worth looking into refurbing it. there was just one on Pawn Stars they bought for like $2k, made by a famous smith who only made swords for samurai, cost $3.5k to refurb and was then worth $15k.

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i used them a lot in the past. didnt do much studying on the actual swords themselves, but studied the art.

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