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Nice piece Jeff!!

Funny story, and a good reason that I will always only have 2 calibers of handgun...

I was teaching a CHL class last week and one of the licensee's had this same gun in the olive color.

When we went to the range to qualify his gun wouldn't fire. He missed the first two tables of fire because of it...
I allowed him, (because he is one of my big bosses) to go get another gun and catch up with the group, and he continued without issue and scored well...

After finishing, I picked up one of the rounds he ejected trying to get the XD to fire, and looked at it closely... The primer had been struck, but not deeply. Then I looked at the case-head stamp... sure enough - 9mm.

He had loaded the magazine from the wrong box. Both boxes were pretty much identical in size and color, and the rounds are similar in size. No worky!

Anyway, I will always make sure that my ammo is different enough in size that that can't happen to me! :D


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that is part of the reason why I have 2 .45's at the moment.... granted they are my first weapons, but I dont want the problem of just randomly grabbing a box and not seeing that it was the wrong caliber. however having said that..... I use my XDS storage box to hold my weapon and mags but took out the other foam half and but my 1911, mags and 2 boxes of ammo in the case. I have a box of hollow's and a box of FMJ in the case at the moment.

If I should get another caliber I would probably do the same thing as well. That would keep the rounds from getting mixed up when I go to the range because I make sure that what rounds are in the case are the right one. At this point its a nice idea but until I have a different caliber I wont be able to test this theory :D


I like the .40, I wonder what else I can get... hmmmmmm

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Nice Glock Glock.................:D Do you have any pics of it being fired in the dark ... I have a compensated 19C slingshot myself ;)... Love the fire breathing dragon look ... Accuracy is great also !

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