Why do LIBTARDS always lose it in SPECTACULAR fashion?

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I have Mondays off, so I'm indulging in one of my guilty pleasures - watching the Monday "COPS" marathon on Spike TV.

I just watched an episode from 1998 - filmed in Atlanta - & the lead vignette, was on a middle-aged white guy - holed up in his old Ford pickup, with "HELP" spelled out in duct tape on his doors and windshield. They needed to flashbang him to get him out of the truck and subdue him. Turns out, the numbtard was complaining about a "right wing conspiracy, that was going to take over America." :rolleyes: In the MIDST of the KLIN - TON I insurrection, no less... :rondod: A proto-"Occupier," if you will.

So it got me to thinking about elected libtards, like, Pe-LOUSY, Whinestein, Schnauzer, Chuckles, Hitlery, and the usual gang of idiots, trying to ban guns on the PRETEXT, that "right wing boogeymen" are EVERYWHERE, and about to "steal America."

Yet history bears out, that LIBTARDS are MUCH more likely to ACT upon such urges, than are right wing sorts, and OFTEN in SPECTACULAR fashion.

To wit;

- the assassination of three Republican Presidents;
- Lincoln, by a disgruntled DEMOCRAP
- Garfield, by a disgruntled RINO (read more here)
- McKinley, by a Euroweenie, Marxist-inspired anarchist

And President Kennedy (the last conservative Democrat President; he was PRO-life, signed into law the biggest tax cuts in the 20th century, an NRA Life Member, and in favor of the silver & gold standard - CONSTITUTIONAL money - and probably the REAL reason he was killed), by a Communist!

- RFK was assassinated by an anti-Israeli mohammedan nutjob (and because libtards are mohammedan enablers in the 20th & 21st centuries, that puts the blame for mohammedan atrocities - ALL of them - squarely on LIBTARDS)
- MLK was assassinated by a racist career criminal and disgruntled democrap
- Squeaky Frohm, part of "Charlie's (Manson) Angels" attempted to assassinate President Ford; Manson still is an unapologetic racist socialist
- John Hinckley, was a depressed, pill-addicted, drifter, diagnosed with narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders and dysthymia, as well as borderline and passive-aggressive features - the very definition of MOST Libtards these days.

ALL of the most violent protest groups these days, are full of libtards.

- Occupy Wall Street movement
- Nation of Islam
- mohammedans in general
- Bernie Sanders supporters
- New Black Panthers
- "Anonymous" computer hacker network
- Union thugs (owned by the Mafia almost from their inception)
- Climate Change/Global Warming/Greenie Weenie conspiracy theorists
- Socialists/Communists (always!)
- 9/11 'troofers'

And we'll see it at work among the "Heil Hitlery" crowd this fall.

So clearly they "project" their own evil thoughts, tendencies, & behaviors onto the the silent (conservative) majority, but it never hurts to step back from time to time, and examine libtards more closely, and be reminded of what they're REALLY all about.



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